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A collection inspired by vintage racing, blends the mechanics of Swiss construction with bold Italian style.
FENDI, the Italian luxury House with roots dating back to 1925, delved into the world of watchmaking in 1988
An industry veteran returns with another breakout watch brand, deeply respected for its genius and whimsical take on traditional watch-making
An upstart watch brand that specializes in classic luxury watches at an affordable price
Contemporary designs imbued with their designer's distinctly international flair and created with the modern woman in mind.
Different watches, good vibes, and a rock n’ roll attitude
A groundbreaking hydro-mechanical approach to watch technology, rooted in the ancient water clock
Made For Us grows our diamonds from the finest quality diamond seeds and cut and polish them at their units around the world.
A 250-year old watch brand gets a second life in 2010 and carries on the defiant spirit of its founder, Voltaire
Whimsical and highly original jewelry designs that carry profound personal meaning for both the namesake designer and her growing fan base
Highly original designs with a worldly glamour inspired by the rich landscape of the Balkan region
Wearable and feminine designs from a visionary lead designer with jewelry-making in her blood
A versatile and playful collection rooted in a classically polished aesthetic designed by a mother-daughter team
A watch brand that consistently strives for watchmaking excellence with its luxuriously pared down designs, all inspired by music
Nothing keeps style's time like a watch. All orchestrated by a manufacturing process based exclusively on the finest craftsmanship.
A breakout watch brand inspired by the heroic military flying career of its founder's grandfather
Swiss-made watches with functional sophistication and innovative illumination technology
A 90-year-old German watch brand survives history’s most jarring events and tells its tales through classic timepieces
Jewelry created with a purpose behind every design and motivated by one singular thought, EXPRESS YOURSELF.
Imaginative jewelry and watch designs that are the magnificent culmination of more than a century’s worth of family history and ingenuity
Made with Italian design and Swiss craftsmanship, each piece of the Versace watches collection is a legacy timepiece. Versace Watches will endure for generations and be treasured by everyone.
Inspired by archeological jewels of the past, Yossi Harari jewelry is a modern, bold interpretation of classic designs
Modern keepsakes steeped in family tradition and produced in Valenza, Italy, the heart of Italian goldsmithing