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Inside ZYDO's Production Process

Immortal Treasures

ZYDO Diamond Jewelry
ZYDO Diamond Jewelry

ZYDO prides itself on producing all its fine jewelry in Valenza, Italy, the home of some of the world’s leading goldsmiths and jewelry designers. ZYDO’s Valenza-based production guarantees the highest quality craftsmanship and honors the traditional techniques of Italian jewelry making.

The Meticulous ZYDO Production Process

The ZYDO executive team reviews hundreds of sketched designs, but ultimately, only a handful are approved by the three Zybert brothers currently at the brand’s helm. (They are the second generation of Zyberts to manage the 45-year-old family business.) The vetted designs are ones the brothers feel build upon the ZYDO tradition and aesthetic: fresh enough to excite its loyal customer base while sitting well within ZYDO’s current collections.

A ZYDO Artisan at Work and ZYDO Diamond Earrings
L - ZYDO artisan R - ZYDO Earrings

Once a design is selected, it is sent to the modelista, or model-maker. The preliminary model is then evaluated by Roberto Zybert, the youngest brother, and assessed for its overall look and feel and finer details like its scale, weight, fit and articulation.

The first step of production is the development of the mounting, or the jewelry framework in which the stone will ultimately be set. The item passes through an initial quality control inspection.

The mounting is then cleaned and set with a stone. ZYDO sources all its diamonds from De Beers sight-holder mines and carefully selects only the highest-quality stones for its designs. The piece is cleaned a second time before an additional quality control review.

The final item is then shipped to ZYDO’s Milan headquarters where it is inspected again and, once given final approval, sent on to one of ZYDO’s international retailers. This comprehensive process can take up to six months.

Designing for Family Keepsakes

ZYDO’s rigorous inspection and approval process ensures that its pieces are built to last. They are treasured items designed to be passed down for generations as a family keepsake.

To wit, Eli Zybert shares, “I was just in Beverly Hills for a trunk show and another one of the sales associates is sitting down at a table with an elderly couple. And he waved at me to come over [… but], when I looked at the table, none of my [ZYDO] pieces were there.” Puzzled by what these shoppers may need, Eli greets the couple, “Then the lady looks at me and asks, ‘Do you know David?’” The David in question is Eli’s father, the Zybert family patriarch who founded ZYDO in 1972, so Eli replies with a chuckle that, yes, he does know his father.

The woman knowingly smiles and continues, “My mom used to buy jewelry from your grandfather. And I knew your father when we were little kids.” Before establishing ZYDO, young David traded diamonds and pearls and designed his own collection under the name Zino. She went on to explain that she still owns a 60-year-old necklace designed by David that her mom had bought as a gift for her grandfather.

To Eli, this story epitomizes the brand values of ZYDO: to design beautifully timeless jewelry and produce it with the greatest care so it can be worn today and shared with the next generation.