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A Swiss luxury watch brand revolutionizing haute horology with unique fluidic technology
Vincent Perriard of HYT Watches Vincent Perriard of HYT Watches
HYT'S Hydro-Mechanical Watch Technology

Haute Horlogerie Combined with Fluid Mechanics

The water clock or clepsydra is one of the earliest timekeeping methods on record, traced back to the ancient Egyptians in 1500 BC. The water clock was later used by the ancient Greeks in 325 BC and by the Chinese in 725 AD.

Across these disparate countries and eras, the technology of the water clock remained largely the same: a raised stone vessel allowed water to steadily drip into a second vessel. In this outflow system, the passage of time was observed by the change in water levels, marked with measured lines inside the vessel. By not relying on the cosmos or the sun to keep time, the water clock method was a horological breakthrough.

Throughout the centuries, water clocks, naturally, became obsolete—supplanted by new and better ways of tracking the passage of time. However, the Swiss watch brand HYT is taking up the mantle of carrying on this archaic method of time-keeping, re-engineering and reimagining it for the 21st century.

Further into HYT’s Technology

A crucial part of HYT’s hydro-mechanical technology: the specially-designed fluid that is used to display the time. This ground-breaking engineered liquid has a homogenous color and is shock-, temperature- and water-resistant. Ultimately, HYT’s team filed for seven patents for the liquid alone.

HYT's Specially-Designed Fluid for Their Hydro-Mechanical Watch Technology