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Yossi Harari

My jewelry is a contrast between the old and the new. Although I am inspired by archeological jewels of the past, I have a modern, bold interpretation of classic designs
Designer Yossi Harari Designer Yossi Harari
Yossi Harari Gold Bracelets

A Lifelong Jeweler

Born in Israel, and raised there in addition to Switzerland and Turkey, Yossi Harari, the grandson of an art and antiques collector, grew up surrounded by beautiful, worldly objects and ancient artifacts that delighted his senses. Influenced by his grandfather’s vast collections, Yossi developed his passion for jewelry design at an early age. When he was 11 years old, Yossi redesigned a diamond ring for his mother, and it was this artistic endeavor that set him on a course of creativity and design from which he has never strayed.

Yossi went on to receive formal training and degrees in gemology and jewelry design from the Gemological Institute of America in Los Angeles and in history of arts from Tel Aviv University in Israel. In 1992, Yossi launched his namesake brand when he opened his atelier in Istanbul, where his designs are still developed and produced. Not only does he work with pure 24K gold and his own trademarked metal alloy, 'gilver', a combination of sterling silver and 24K gold, but he also uses the finest stones available. In addition, Yossi Harari and his artisans meticulously handcraft each piece, implementing goldsmithing techniques that are centuries old.

Gilver, A Revolutionary Metal in Jewelry Making

Always seeking new ways to express his art and achieve fresh and exclusive looks, Yossi Harari invented his own metal alloy by combining oxidized silver with 24k gold to form “gilver.” Today, Harari offers an entire line of chic, trademark, handcrafted gilver couture pieces that offer an unsurpassed alternative to traditional gold and sterling silver jewelry.

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