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What Does 925 Mean on Jewelry?

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What does 925 mean on jewelry?

If you love jewelry, you’ve probably seen 925 in jewelry. But if you’re not an expert, these terms can be confusing—especially if you’re looking for a special gift. So, what does 925 mean on jewelry? A 925 stamp indicates that the piece is 92.5% silver, with the remaining 7.5% being other metals. Nonetheless, this hallmark can also be found on gold pieces. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Sterling silver

925 on Silver Jewelry

The hallmark 925 indicates that silver jewelry is 92.5% silver, with additional materials such as copper accounting for the remaining 7.5%. The pure form of silver is so delicate that it must be combined with other, harder metals in order to create jewelry that will last. It’s not always copper that makes up the 7.5% other metal. Although copper is favored for delicate skin, zinc or nickel can also be used.

You know you have a fine piece of silver when it has the 925 stamp. If your piece is on the smaller side, you might need a magnifying glass or a loupe to locate the stamp. Stamps are typically found on the reverse side of pendants, whereas necklaces and other types of jewelry typically have them on the clasp.

Why This Alloy Ensures Durability

As previously stated, the purest form of silver is naturally soft. By transforming it into an alloy, both its hardness and its durability are increased. Since sterling silver is bright and sturdy, you can wear it every day without worrying about wear and tear. However, if you wear your silver jewelry frequently, it will eventually tarnish and will need to be cleaned at least once a month.

Reasons to Love Sterling Silver

When the silver plating on copper or brass pieces wears off, the metal underneath becomes dull and may turn brown or gold. For people who want their jewelry to last and have intrinsic value, sterling silver is a great option. Silver is, after all, a valuable metal so it’s a wise investment.

Because of its durability and beauty, sterling silver has been used for centuries to craft everything from engagement rings to necklaces. Silver is a beautiful precious metal; it shines, it’s durable, and it won’t drive you crazy if you scratch it. It’s comfortable, versatile, and easy to style for any occasion.

gold vermeil

925 on Gold Jewelry

Gold in its purest form is a yellow metal that is somewhat malleable. Therefore, it must be combined with other metals in order to fortify it and make it more practical for jewelry design. When the hallmark is found on gold jewelry, most people think it means that the piece of jewelry contains 92.5% gold. However, 925 gold jewelry, also referred to as gold vermeil or costume jewelry, is actually sterling silver that has had gold plated onto it.

To be considered gold vermeil in the United States, jewelry must be plated with a minimum of 10K gold (42% gold). Furthermore, the plating thickness can’t be lower than 2.5 microns. To put it another way, the thickness of the gold plating on gold vermeil jewelry matters more than on gold-plated jewelry. For this reason, you can wear gold vermeil and solid gold jewelry together.

In Summary

Real sterling silver is quite valuable and well worth the expense, particularly if you prefer wearing silver-colored jewelry. It’s very beautiful against cool-toned skin but also rather lovely against warmer tones or in contrast with vivid colors. If properly maintained and worn frequently, sterling silver 925 is a very durable metal that won’t likely tarnish, turn black, or become green. 

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