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10 Best Designer Diaper Bags for the Stylish Mom

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The search for the perfect designer diaper bag can be a grueling one. Will you be able to attend to your child while carrying your bag? Is it big enough to fit all the essential items? As parents, there are so many things to worry about before style. But that doesn’t mean to say that dragging around bulky, gaudy-looking maternity bags should be your only option.

Admit it, we’ve always had a weakness for handbags. They’re often what can make or break an outfit, and a good quality designer diaper bag can go a long way. Trust us, being a mom doesn’t mean you have to give up fashion for functionality.

What does your maternity bag need?

If you’re done with tacky and boring diaper bags and want to have a viable solution to your baby’s needs, many luxury brands have functional carryalls for your baby’s needs. You’ll also finally have an excuse to get that bag you were eyeing for a while, as long as it checks off these functions:

  • Enough storage
  • Stylish
  • Stroller friendly
  • Easy access
  • Hands-free
  • Easy to clean

If you’re still pondering over what to get, we’ve listed the 10 best designer diaper bags on TrueFacet.

LV Neverfull Tote Limited Edition Monogram Roses MM

You can never go wrong with a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM as your go-to toddler bag. This tote is lightweight and sits on the shoulders so well, you’ll almost forget you’re lugging around a week’s worth of tissues in it. And with the right organizer, the Neverfull is unbeatable as a carry-all fashion tote. The beautiful leather trimming on this recognizable monogrammed bag is available in LV stores, but if you search around, you might get to score a limited edition design for a fraction of retail!

Available for purchase here.

Kate Spade Bicolour Tote

This unique tote bag is a more affordable option for quality totes that you can use as maternity bags. If you are into monochromatic and neutral colors, the Kate Spade Bicolour Tote in Black/White will pair well with any outfit and have everything you need for a day out with your baby.

Available for purchase here.

Prada Shopping Vitello Daino Large

Shopping totes aren’t just for walking around the mall, throwing whatever you buy inside anymore. This Prada Shopping Vitello Daino Large in Blue has enough depth to store everything you need from diapers to baby bottles without showing at the top. The slouchy leather screams comfort while the elegant gold hardware radiates enough sophistication to make this a great designer diaper bag.

Available for purchase here.

Gucci Monogram Diaper Bag

Probably one of the only few bags in this list actually made for diapers, the Gucci Diaper Bag is one of the go-to designer maternity bags that we really love. Designed with a fold-out changing mat, compartments on the side for milk bottles, and multiple pockets inside, this is the perfect diaper bag for stylish moms on the go. Not to mention it’s used and loved by Hollywood stars Nicole Richie and Halle Berry!

Available for purchase here.

Michael Kors Selma 2Way

Unlike the larger bags in this list, the Michael Kors Selma 2Way is one of the smaller options, while still spanning a reasonable 17-inches across. This stylish and practical addition to your wardrobe comes with a long strap so you can be hands-free at all times. Did we also mention it also makes the perfect work bag and is incredibly easy to clean?

Available for purchase here.

Chanel Quilted Patent Grand Shopping Tote

This Chanel Quilted Patent Grand Shopping Tote is not just a timeless classic. In true Chanel style, sturdy shoulder strap, and spacious interior, the tote is perfect for mothers who want to look sophisticated and feel luxurious. It goes without saying that this shopper’s tote is one of the best investments you can make.

Available for purchase here.

Celine Mini Luggage Python Tote Bag

The Celine Mini Luggage comes with everything you possibly need: compartments, durability, and elegance. Long believed as one of the best office totes in the world of luxury, the Celine Luggage doubles up as an ideal baby bag. The push-lock closure will ensure that everything is stored safely, and even the Mini size is deceivingly big due to having a larger base.

Available for purchase here.

LV Keepall Bag

The Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere Bag 45 does exactly what its name says. It keeps all your essential baby needs and probably even more due to its huge size. It also comes in soft leather so you will be able to fit most items without worrying about altering or denting the shape of the bag. The Keepall also comes with a zipper and a long strap, for the ultimate hands-free and no-spill experience.

Available for purchase here.

MCM Visetos Liz Tote Bag

High-fashion moms who love quirky designs will love the pop of color from the MCM Visetos Liz Tote Bag. Smaller than the usual tote, the Visetos Liz Tote Bag doesn’t take up much space, while still providing ample storage room. It’s water-resistant and the gilded hardware will add vibrance and youthfulness to your look.

Available for purchase here.

Goyard St Louis Tote Bag

The Goyard St Louis tote is simplicity itself. The sleek, monogrammed leather is subdued enough for everyday wear, while still having a hint of luxury to enhance your appearance. St Louis comes with a removable pouch that can be used for smaller items. It can be attached to the bag so it won’t get buried under an avalanche of diapers.

Available for purchase here.

Brand new or pre-loved?

Often, the question that pops into everyone’s minds when looking at the brand bags is whether to purchase them brand new or pre-loved.

Brand New

It goes without saying that buying off the rack comes with a pretty hefty price tag. The obvious advantage of going brand new is that, well, it’s brand new. You can get the exact model and color you want without the fuss of scouring the internet for ‘the one and you get it in flawless condition. This is also the best option for moms who are looking to sell their diaper bags in the future and would want to guarantee their authenticity and condition for the next person.


Pre-loved luxury resale has been on the rise in the past decade or so, especially with sustainable fashion in trend. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular. You can save up to 80% off the retail price when you buy secondhand luxury goods. Plus, since the bag you will get is used, they will have already gone through their ‘first wear-and-tear’ process, so you’ll be worry-free about scratching a brand new bag. One of the downsides of purchasing pre-loved items is, of course, authenticity. Going through reliable sites can help you combat that issue. TrueFacet verifies the authenticity of every pre-loved good and ensures that their sellers are trustable.

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