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Men Summer Style Guide 2021

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What does the term “men’s jewelry” make you think of?

Women have it easy in the jewelry department. As long as their jewelry isn’t gaudy or simply overdone, anything they choose to wear tends to look good.

Now, imagine a man trying to pull off bangle bracelets and dangling earrings. The first image that comes to mind might be a little outlandish. However, when you stop to think about it, you’ve probably seen many men wearing watches and other accessories that looked super classy.

It’s all in knowing how to wear what jewelry. So let’s dive in and learn about it.

The Essential Everyday Watch

Watches are perhaps the most used element of men’s jewelry. While many women enjoy wearing jewelry simply for its beauty, men tend to like accessories that have a purpose. A watch, especially one with more functions than just telling time, is a very useful piece of jewelry.

Every man should have at least two watches — one for everyday wear and one for getting a little fancy.

An everyday watch should be durable, yet stylish. This watch will see the most bumps and scuffs so you’ll need a quality watch that can stand up to normal wear and tear. Metal, stainless steel, and leather-banded watches are all a great choice. Black, gray, silver, and gold are good colors to stick to so your watch will go with all your outfits. A classic style like this Cartier is perfect for everyday looks.

Special Occasions Watch

A watch can really elevate the style of your outfit. When you want to look particularly elegant, choosing a sleek, fancy watch is an excellent way to add just the flair you need.

Minimalist watches tend to be the name of the game here. Ones with lots of buttons and features are better left to the everyday watch.

For example, the sleek lines of this Patek Phillipe will instantly transform your look from merely formal to elegant and grand.


Rings are also a common piece of jewelry for men to use. Wedding bands aside, men can use rings to express themselves and still ooze masculinity.

Signet rings are a great choice and come in a huge variety of styles, giving you many options for personalization.

Many men tend to gravitate towards larger, chunkier styles. The thought, perhaps, is that delicate little bands look better on petite fingers. However, don’t forget that you’ll have to wear that thing all day. A heavy ring can get annoying, especially if you type a lot of work with your hands in some way.

A simple band with a minimal design is often enough to set your style apart without overpowering your outfit. If you want to wear more than one, be sure to wear them with confidence or you will look unbalanced.

Updating Your Jewelry Collection

Where is a good place to get quality men’s jewelry? It’s easy to find on store shelves all over the place, but these cheap watches and other accessories scuff quickly and do little to elevate your style.

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