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We are proud to announce our new service center

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Have we got some exciting news for you! At TrueFacet, we are always looking for ways to improve our customer’s satisfaction and offer a level of service that truly shines.

This is why we are ecstatic to announce our new partnership with Grand Central Watch! Through this partnership, we are able to offer you greater peace of mind with your purchases, and certificates of authenticity backed by some of the most well-respected watchmakers in the business.

Who Are Grand Central Watch?

Grand Central Watch is a family-owned company founded in 1952. Since then, talented watchmakers with a fine eye for detail have been servicing watches in the same location in Grand Central Terminal for over 7 decades.

They are one of the largest service centers in the country and their keen-eyed watchmakers can service nearly any type of watch. Have a 200-year-old family heirloom you would like to see ticking again? How about a complicated modern-day tourbillion? No worries, the watchmakers at GCW have the expertise necessary to handle either type of repair.

The Value of Our Partnership

So what does our partnership mean for you? First off, you can buy with even more confidence. We have always worked to fight counterfeits and ensure that every watch we sell is authentic. We do that by partnering with expert watchmakers like those at GCW who have the knowledge needed to spot a fake.

For the GCW watchmakers to issue a certificate of authenticity on a piece, they must first complete a thorough external and internal inspection. All parts will be verified to be correct for the manufacturer and model of the watch.

Furthermore, we are proud to offer 2-year extended warranties on our products through GCW. If there is any mechanical failure or problems with a watch that has been used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, GCW will repair your watch. The warranty also covers water-resistance problems with watches that have been used appropriately and battery replacements for quartz watches.

Buy With Confidence

We are so proud of this partnership as it is one more exciting way that we are showing our customers how much we care. Our goal is not just to sell you a watch or help you sell yours. We are selling priceless heirlooms, pieces that will be cherished for decades, and we want to offer all the confidence in your purchase that we can!

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