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What Ring Style Suits Your Hand

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Have you ever noticed people’s hands? Just like every other feature about our bodies, they all look different. Some people have long, thin fingers, others have short stubby ones. Some people have small hands, others have large hands.

What does this mean when it comes time to pick out a ring? Just as you should be aware of your face shape when choosing a hairstyle, you should be aware of your hand type when choosing a ring.

Lucky for you we break it all down here. Read on to learn all about ring styles and which one you should choose!

Slim Fingers

Fine jewelry always looks stunning on delicate, slim fingers. However, a large diamond on a slim finger can look a little out of place because it doesn’t fit the proportion very well.

Simple designs and minimalist rings complement slim fingers nicely. A single (smallish) solitaire ring with a simple band is gorgeous. Another idea is to forego the center diamond altogether and choose a band studded with smaller gemstones.

Thick Fingers

The opposite is true for thick fingers, they tend to overpower a minimalist-style ring and will need something a little more substantial to balance them. A petite diamond on a delicate band looks almost like a child’s toy on a thick finger.

A larger center stone is an excellent way to balance the proportions. Halo settings are perfect for this and are an economical way to get a “bigger” center stone.

Another option is to choose a setting with three smaller stones to spread out the focal point and cover more skin on either side of the central feature. This example of a simple three-stone princess cut diamond ring perfectly complements the thick fingers of someone whose personality calls for a more minimalist ring.

Engagement ring

Short Fingers

Most people prefer long, elegant fingers to short ones. If you’re buying a ring for someone with short fingers, this is something to take into consideration. She’ll appreciate the extra effort and thought you put into making her fingers appear longer with the ring you choose.

To do this, opt for elongated stone shapes that are set vertically. Pear-shaped, oval, or an elegant marquise cut diamond are all excellent choices. The elongated shape of the stone helps create the illusion of a longer finger. Plus, the extra brilliance of the diamond will catch the eye and draw attention away from the somewhat undesirable feature of a short finger.

You’ll also want to stay away from thick bands. Taking up the extra real estate on the finger can make the finger look even shorter. Stick with a thin, delicate band and focus on getting a diamond that steals the show.

Long Fingers

If you’re buying a ring for a lady with long fingers, you’re in luck! You get the most variety of choices as long fingers work well with most ring styles.

Most shapes work well, including princess, asscher, and cushion cut as the length of the finger balances the width of the diamond. The only ones to stay away from might be vertically set elongated marquise or oval shapes that make the finger seem even longer, although pairing it with a wide band helps tone it down.

Small Hands

What about if your sweetie has small hands overall? What we said for slim fingers applies here as well. A large diamond, thick band, or otherwise big, chunky style will look too large and almost gaudy on a small hand.

In other words, if you’re buying for a lady with small hands, your wallet can rejoice. Simple bands, smaller diamonds, and basically everything else that makes a ring cheaper is in your favor here. Here’s a perfect specimen of a simple, small ring that is still eye-catching and downright gorgeous.

Big Hands

A woman with big hands is lucky in the sense that she can sport a big, flashy ring without it looking out of place. In fact, a smaller, simpler ring might look either dwarfed by the hand or cause the hand to look even bigger.

A large solitaire ring is a great option if you can afford it. Even if you can’t, never fear for there are many other options. A three-stone setting is one such great option. The wider setting takes up more space on the finger and adds extra facets of brilliance to make the ring more flashy. Another fantastic choice is a halo setting. A ring of tiny diamonds around a brilliant center stone turns even a simple center stone into an eye-popping engagement ring.

The Perfect Ring

All in all, there’s a lot to think about as you choose a ring style. Whether you’re buying an engagement ring for your special someone or picking out something special for yourself, don’t forget to take the size of your hand and fingers into consideration.

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