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There are exciting things happening here at True Facet!

In an effort to provide more excellent service to our customers, we have joined forces with the incredibly talented watchmakers at Grand Central Watch.

This company has been servicing timepieces for three generations in the same location since 1952. Knowledge about timepieces has been carefully preserved and passed down through the family. Yet, their workshop is brimming with modern, state-of-the-art technology. In other words, they can handle any watch that comes their way — new or old. At Grand Central Watch, they believe the only way to repair a watch is the right way. So what does this partnership mean for you, our loyal customers? Let’s find out!

Extended Warranty
To foster confidence in your purchase we already offer a one-year warranty for every timepiece we sell. Through our partnership with Grand Central Watch, we're offering even more value and peace of mind.

You can choose to add a 2-year Extended Warranty that will cover repairs for all mechanical issues with a watch. It will also cover water resistance problems on watches specifically certified to be water-resistant and worn according to manufacturer recommendations. Battery replacement for quartz watches is also covered.

Damages that occur as a result of misuse of the watch are not covered. Extended warranty coverage begins after the initial coverage has expired.

Now you can wear your Patek Phillipe with confidence, knowing that if something goes wrong, you’ve got a team of expert watchmakers with state of the art technology at their fingertips ready to put it right again.

Authentication - Real or Fake?
What if you want to make sure that your stunning Rolex is really a Rolex? The experts at Grand Central Watch are just the ones who can tell you. They follow a tried and true authentication process that involves both an external and internal inspection of the timepiece. Each tiny part of the watch is inspected and verified to be the correct and authentic part for the manufacturer and model.

Once this has been painstakingly done for each piece of the watch, then and only then will the GCW watchmakers issue a certificate of authenticity.

Placing an exact value on a timepiece is not always an easy task. These luxury watches are more than just a flashy piece of jewelry. They are heirlooms, timekeepers, status symbols, and so much more.

With over 7 decades in the business, we can safely say that GCW has the knowledge necessary to place a value on even the most rare and timeless timepiece.

Wondering how much your authentic Breitling or Rolex is really worth? Get a confident answer from the experts at GCW.

One More Way to Wow Our Customers
We are always looking for ways to show our customers how much we value your business — and how much we genuinely care about your timepiece. This is why we are so excited about this new partnership with GCW and the extra benefits we are able to offer.



Grand Central Watch was founded in 1952 by Max Kivel. Three generations of Kivels have spent the last 60 years earning and maintaining our reputation as New York City’s premier watch repair service. We are routinely recognized as such by many major publications including the New York Times, New York Magazine and Time Out New York. Our expertly skilled staff is trained to service any vintage or modern watch from a Timex to a Rolex to a Patek Philippe and everything in between. We, also, stock a huge inventory of watchstraps.
Grand Central Watch is an industry leader in luxury watch service. Our team of expert technicians have been extensively trained by the world’s leading watch manufacturers and our workshop includes the state-of-the-art machinery and technology necessary to service all luxury brands. We have direct parts accounts with a full range of manufacturers ensuring that your service will be completed with genuine parts according to brand protocols and procedures.
At Grand Central Watch, our goal is provide the expert watch repair and exemplary customer service at reasonable prices.
Max Kivel started Grand Central Watch in a small stall in Grand Central Terminal. Over the years it has grown and now takes up a significant portion of the 45th Street Passageway. Grand Central Watch has also expanded into a state-of-the-art workshop on an upper floor staffed by a team of expert watchmakers.




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