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Upgrade This Valentine’s Day

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Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift?

Flowers and chocolates are so cliché and aren’t unique anymore. You want to get your special someone something that shows her just how special she is.

Why not buy her a designer handbag? It’s practical, yet luxurious, and shows her just how much you care. Imagine how her eyes will light up when she unwraps a gorgeous specimen from her favorite designer brand!

Wondering why women love designer handbags so much and where you can get one? Read on to find out!

Why Do Women Love Expensive Designer Handbags?

For some people, (ahem…men) spending $2,000 on a handbag is bewildering. After all, you can spend $50 on a lovely option that will perform the same function of carrying your stuff, right?


The function of designer handbags goes beyond just simply being a vehicle for your stuff. It’s a fashion statement, a status symbol, a self-confidence boost, and an investment.

Investment, what? How can an item that you’ll use all the time (i.e. wear it out) be an investment? Well, while it’s unlikely you can make money off the sale of your used Louis Vuitton, you can get back most of what you spent on it in the secondary market.

Designer handbags are made with high-quality materials and don’t wear out quickly like that nice $50 one. With minimal maintenance, they can retain their shape and look for decades.

Now that you understand why a designer handbag as a gift is such a fantastic idea, it’s just a matter of knowing where to buy one…

Consignment for Luxury Bags

Because designer bags can last so long, there is a huge secondary market for them. After all, it wouldn’t do to walk around with the same designer bag for 10 years. You’ve got to shake things up every once in a while!

Thus consignment services that specialize in luxury goods are an excellent place to find chic designer handbags at a reduced cost. These bags hold their value well so you shouldn’t expect deep discounts, but you can get a gorgeous pre-loved bag for a few (or a few hundred) dollars less.

Choosing the Right Consignment Service

Unfortunately, there is a lot of opportunity for fakes and scams in the luxury consignment world. Unscrupulous folks are more than happy to whip up a low-quality bag, call it a Chanel, and charge $2,000 for it. Unsuspecting buyers are thrilled to get such a great deal…only to discover that the leather begins peeling a few months down the line.

Always choose a reputable consignment service when buying luxury goods. For example, here at TrueFacet, we are dedicated to offering only the best, and authentic, luxury goods on our platform. To maintain this high standard, sellers can send us their items to consign free of charge. We’ll examine the item, our experienced staff will ensure it is authentic, and only then will we list it on the site.

If for any reason, you feel that an item you bought through our consignment services is not authentic, simply let us know. We’ll review the item with you and if it is found to be inauthentic, we’ll refund your money and flag the seller.

We want all our customers to feel absolute confidence when purchasing luxury items through our marketplace.

Upgrade This Valentine’s Day

Ready to take this Valentine’s Day up a notch? Browse our selection of luxury handbags and surprise your sweetie with a gift she will cherish for years!