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Guide for buying a pre-owned Louis Vuitton

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Owning a Louis Vuitton designer bag is a special experience. There’s nothing quite like complementing your favorite outfits with one of these masterpieces.

However, a very disappointing experience is discovering that the amazing deal you scored on a pre-owned Louis Vuitton actually was too good to be true. You haven’t bought a Louis Vuitton at all, but rather a clever fake that is unlikely to hold up as well as an authentic LV handbag.

To avoid this scenario, we suggest reading this guide to buying a pre-owned Louis Vuitton. By following these tips you can ensure that the deal you’re getting on that stunning LV really is as amazing as you think.

Authenticity Stamp

Perhaps the most obvious method of authenticating an LV bag is to look for stamps like this that say “Louis Vuitton” and “Made in France” (or another country if it was made elsewhere). The stamp should be pressed directly into the leather.

Of course, many fakes will carry a stamp as well. Be sure to closely compare the stamp to an authentic one to see if the font and lettering look exactly the same.

Match the Date Code with the Stamp

Another way to authentic is to compare the date code with the “made in” stamp. Bags made after 1980 will have a date code stamped inside the bag along the top edge of the opening.

The code consists of two letters followed by four numbers. The letters indicate where the bag was made. The abbreviations used are regional so you may have to look it up. The first two letters indicate the week and the last two indicate the year the bag was made.

If the regional indication doesn’t match the “made in” stamp you could be looking at a fake.

Nothing Less than Perfection

One of the reasons that Louis Vuitton can charge top dollar for their designer handbags is that the bags are incredibly well-made and will last for decades. In other words, a preloved designer handbag from Louis Vuitton should be able to maintain its shape and posture without slouching just like a new one. Additionally, the bag should be completely symmetrical and not have any odd proportions.

Depending on the material, an old LV bag may start to develop a patina, but this aged look is still gorgeous and the bag will function exactly like a new one.


Another thing that should look absolutely perfect is the stitching on the bag. All Louis Vuitton bags are hand stitched and thus the stitches should all have a slight angle, straight stitches indicate that they were sewn by a machine.

Of course, even though the stitches are slightly angled, every one should be even and symmetrical. You also shouldn’t see any fraying or loose threads. Let’s just say the people that sew for Louis Vuitton are consummate professionals in their field.

One other thing to note is the color of the thread. To make the product more durable, the thread is coated with a special resin that turns the thread a distinct mustard yellow color. With age, the hue will darken as it develops a rich patina. Counterfeits will often appear with bright yellow or orange thread that doesn’t fit this norm.


Louis Vuitton is known for this distinct flower and LV logo pattern. When determining the authenticity of one of these pieces, there are clues that lie within the pattern itself.

For example, if a flower is cut off at the seam on a real bag, it will be perfectly matched by the fabric on the other side of the seam. It will also be cut off at exactly the same point on the other side of the bag. Furthermore, the seam will never run through the LV logo lettering, the logo is always left intact.

Finally, authentic Louis Vuitton’s are crafted from a single piece of leather that wraps around the bag. Thus, the LV logo on the front should be right side up and the logo on the back will be upside down.

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