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Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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As we all know, February is the month of love. But this February, things look a little different. Big parties and events like weddings aren’t happening the same way. Everything has been put on hold.

But you can’t put love on hold! In fact, all this extra free time at home gives you an opportunity to get creative about popping the question or expressing how you feel once more to your loved one.

Love triumphs through all situations. If anything, this year has taught us how important love and human connections are in our lives. Let’s look at some creative ideas for social distancing and quarantine-friendly ways to celebrate your love this year.

Dinner in a Bubble

Taking your love to a fancy restaurant for a special meal has always been a classic. Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable with eating in public these days.

To meet the need, a new trend is popping up in many cities — bubble tents! Enjoy a delicious meal at a fabulous restaurant inside your own private bubble. As a bonus, the privacy makes it even more romantic than traditional dining!

A Walk on the Wild Side

Adventurous couples have long enjoyed scaling a mountain together in their spare time. Fresh air and exercise with a side of stress relief is a great way to spend any day together.

The only downside of popping the question up here is that you might appear a bit disheveled in your announcement photo for Instagram. Of course, the epic scenery more than makes up for it.

In-Home Staycation

You can take the idea of staycationing in your own town one step further by staycationing in your own home. You might think it will feel less special but trust us when we say there are plenty of ways to dress it up.

For example, cover the bed with rose petals and have a chilled bottle of champagne on the nightstand like you would get at a fancy hotel. Or get up early to serve breakfast in bed with a special little package on the side.

Wondering how to prepare the room without your loved one knowing? After all, you’re both home all the time! Try drawing a bath and encouraging your partner to enjoy a soak. We don’t think it will take much convincing!

Scavenger Hunt

Does your love adore a good mystery? Maybe they watch countless hours of Sherlock Holmes or other clever mystery shows. Give them their own romantic mystery to solve by planning out a scavenger hunt.

You’ll have so much fun coming up with clever clues and hiding spots for each new clue. Of course, at the end of the scavenger hunt, they will be delighted to find that telltale little jewelry box.

Picnic in the Park

This idea jumps back to a bit more traditional proposal ideas — but it’s a perfect one for social distancing. If the parks or beaches are open where you live, plan a special day to picnic out in the fresh air, watching the squirrels and birds frolic in the trees.

Hide your special little box at the bottom of the picnic basket or pull it out with a bouquet of flowers. However you decide to do it, we’re sure your loved one will be delighted!

The Perfect Engagement Ring

Of course, before you get to the proposal moment, you’ve got to have the perfect ring in hand. Non-traditional engagement rings that really represent your loved one’s personality are all the rage in recent years. Check out our extensive selection of unique and classic styles to find the perfect ring for the surprise!