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The Hidden Gems of Spring

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Spring cleaning the home…and the jewelry box.

Every year, we welcome this season with the bitter sweetness of spring cleaning, the symbolic revival of our home and of ourselves. The time has come to declutter your space, which for the past year was overtaken by long forgotten items that were once perfectly useful to us. Well, now they still can be!

Wondering where to sell those hidden gems? Whether they’re watches or jewelry, you can list, consign, or trade them in at TrueFacet. Not only will you be cleaning your home out for the springtime, you’ll also earn top value for the things you’ve let go. Take your personalized pick of how to sell on our site:


TrueFacet takes care of the insured shipping, authentication, appraisal, cataloguing, photographing, and listing process for you in order to optimize the experience and salability of your piece(s).  You’ll be kept up-to-date through the entire process, from when your listing goes live to when it sells so you can kick back and relax knowing with confidence you’ll be taken care of.  Check it out here: CONSIGN YOUR ITEM


For those who prefer to self-manage listing your watch or jewelry item, you can make it happen on our site. This option suits the aspiring seller who knows his/her items in detail and wants the opportunity to show off his/her skills as a photographer. Try it here: LIST YOUR ITEM


If you’re ready to fill that void in your jewelry box, you can choose to send your item to TrueFacet in return for store credit towards another piece you fancy. Take the time to discover the hidden gems on our platform, there are nearly endless finds.

Well adored jewelry and watches like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Rolex are TrueFacet family favorites to choose from.  Start your trade-in here: TRADE-IN



Once you have sorted through the box of tangled necklace chains, consider the potential items that could be listed on our platform. The true benefit of finding those pre-loved pieces is that they can be passed down to because a new love for another person.

Take your first steps here: START SELLING HERE

Spring cleaning just became a whole new symbol!