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10 Gifts-to-Me and Shopping Finds for the Holidays

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We know the holidays are the time to think about your loved ones and surprise them with thoughtful gifts… But, before the holiday season truly kicks into high gear, why not treat yourself to a little something this holiday season?

We round up our favorite items—further discounted during TrueFacet’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales—to nab for yourself!

Cartier Love Bracelet Cuff

Cartier Love CuffCartier Love Bracelets are a deeply sentimental gift idea, symbolic of devotion and faithfulness thanks in large part to the screwdriver your partner holds to open and close the bangle. But, if you love the look of the bracelet and are indifferent to the meaning behind it, the Cartier Love Cuff is a smart choice. You’ll get the iconic look of the Love collection but without the cumbersome locking screw system.

Panerai Luminor
Panerai Luminor

The Panerai Luminor is an intriguing conversation piece that stands out for its crisp and clear dial and elegantly-shaped watch case. The Panerai Luminor’s unconventionally cool design makes it an excellent choice if you’re looking for a premier-quality watch that expresses your personal style.

Rolex Explorer
Rolex Explorer Watch with White DIal

While less universally recognized compared to the Submariner or Datejust, the Rolex Explorer is a quintessential Rolex model. As its name suggests, the Explorer was designed to honor renowned adventurers Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, who were the first climbers to successfully summit Mount Everest in 1953, during which Hillary wore a Rolex watch. This is the type of watch model that belongs in every collection but may be skipped over as a gift idea in favor of more romantic-feeling Rolex models like the Datejust or Cellini. Therefore, the Explorer is the ideal rugged gift-to-me.


Instantly elevate any outfit—from your office-appropriate shift dress to your weekend sweater and jeans—by pinning on a CHANEL brooch. These playful statement pieces immediately add luxe appeal to any ensemble and make for a strong addition to your jewelry repertoire if you’re looking for a bold wardrobe workhorse. Plus, because they come in a wide variety of designs (from classic quilted C&C’s to avant-garde styles with miniature Coco Chanel figurines), it’s a good gift to shop for yourself since you know your style and wardrobe best!

Omega Speedmaster
Omega Speedmaster with Black Dial

The Omega Speedmaster has a very impressive history: it was the first watch to be NASA-certified and ultimately became the first watch on the moon.  (Learn more about the fascinating origins of the Speedmaster here.) The Speedmaster is, to put it simply, a very cool watch—historically, aesthetically, and mechanically. If you don’t have one in your collection yet, treat yourself to a Speedmaster because it is truly a must-own.

Bulgari B.Zero1 Ring
Bulgari B.Zero1 Ring

Inspired by Rome’s Colosseum, the Bulgari B.Zero1 ring boasts a sleek and clean-lined look. We love how the weight and banded design makes the B.Zero1 feel impressive without being cumbersome or too bling-bling-y. For that reason, the B.Zero1 ring makes for a luxe everyday ring to add to your usual jewelry line-up.

IWC Portofino
IWC Portofino with Black Alligator Strap

If you’re not yet a full-fledged watch collector but are eager to lean into this growing hobby, buy yourself an IWC Portofino. IWC ranks as one of the most respected watch brands, marked for its precision engineering and no-frills designs, and the Portofino is its elegant entry-level model. With the Portofino, you’ll get all the tradition of Swiss watchmaking with a distinctly modern and on-trend minimalist look.

David Yurman Albion Collection
David Yurman Albion Collection Necklace

The David Yurman Albion Collection was a total game changer when it debuted; the Albion Collection took all the stuffiness out of precious stones that historically were reserved for evening or formal occasions. Through this breakout collection, Yurman ushered in a new outlook and reintroduced gemstones as an option for everyday wear. So, if you’re looking for something to add a little pizzazz to your wardrobe, we recommend a piece from the Albion Collection, set with a colorful gemstone.

Michele Signature Deco WatchMichele Signature Deco WatchIn the past few years, the Michele Signature Deco Watch has quickly grown into a favorite watch among bloggers and street style stars. The Signature Deco balances an Art Deco-inspired square case with luxurious details (think diamond bezels and mother-of-pearl dials) for an impressive watch—without an impressive price tag. Pick up this Michele watch for yourself if you’re looking for a watch that feels luxurious while leaving you with budget left over for the rest of your holiday shopping!

David Yurman Crossover CollectionDavid Yurman Crossover CuffWith an incredible breadth of cable weights and colored gemstone caps, each of David Yurman’s signature collections has an undeniable collect-them-all appeal. While we love the look of Yurman bangles stacked together, if you’re looking to jumpstart your layered look, pick up a cuff from David Yurman’s Crossover Collection. This newer Yurman collection plays upon the brand’s signature cable motif but weaves together cabled and sleek bands so it looks like multiple bangles in one.