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5 New Jewelry Collections from Bulgari

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The famous Italian jewelry house has 5 new collections, each inspired by the myths, artifacts and icons of the past and present. Always true to its history, the newest Bulgari collections perfectly illustrate the jeweler’s Italian heritage.


The MVSA collection features 26 vibrant pieces — rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings — inspired by the nine muses of Ancient Greece. The Greek muses are nine women, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who were educated by Apollo. The women are said to rule over the arts, inspiring creative and artistic endeavors.

The collection was released in 2014, inspired by takhti cut, an egg-shaped cut similar to the tile on the roof of Indian Maharajas’ palaces. The colorful collection features blue topaz, amethyst, citrine, chalcedony, onyx, rubellite, pink quartz, prasiolite and tourmaline, mother-of-pearl and diamonds.


The Divas’ collection, released in Spring 2016, features 26 new designs inspired by the beauty of women while also paying homage to Italian design. According to Bulgari, the collection was inspired by the “divas” in recent history. The design is described as a portrayal of Italian femininity, elegance and grace.

As a tribute to the Bulgari Italian history, the collection was influenced by Italian mosaics of ancient Rome. The most distinct feature of the collection is the shaped arches of the design motifs. This design was inspired by the designs of the ancient Roman Baths in Caracalla which were built between 212 and 217 AD.


Monete is a collection that seeks to bring modern life to ancient coins. Instead of collecting dust in a drawer,
the ancient coins of Rome, Greece and Persia are brought to present day in modern jewelry styles. This collection was first debuted by Bulgari in the 1950s, and again renewed in ’60s and ’70s. In 2012, the collection was once again relaunched.

Bulgari is the only jeweler to use these ancient coins in its jewelry collection, making each piece a unique piece of history. The collection not only features jewelry but also leather goods and handbags. Every piece comes with a certificate guaranteeing the authenticity of the coin and its origins and age.

Though technically a watch collection, the beautifully designed LVCEA collection feels like fine jewelry. Inspired by the iconic Serpenti collection, LVCEA watches feature coiling bracelets designed like the sensuous bracelets. Each piece features a pink cabochon set on the crown.

Though the watches are for everyday wear, there’s still room for glamour and sophistication. The polished precious metal and traditional shape allow this watch to be worn for any and all occasions, never leaving the wearer over- or under-dressed. The piece is available in steel, yellow and rose gold, with or without diamonds and a mother-of-pearl dial.

5. Save the Children Collection
save the children

The Save the Children Collection was created for a partnership with the famous NGO of the same name. Since 2009, Bulgari has supported the Save the Children Fund by donating a portion of proceeds for unique collections. This spring, Bulgari revived the collection with two new pieces.

The collection features the famous B.Zero1 ring and bracelet in sterling silver and black ceramic. The pieces retail for $510 with $100 donated to Save the Children. Since 2009, the collection has raised $35 million benefiting over 700,000 children, 30,000 teachers and 2,000 schools in poverty- and conflict-stricken areas.

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