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Meet Sophy Rindler, Horology and Watch Collecting Consultant

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TrueFacet wants to keep all our shoppers and readers informed of the latest trends and industry news and to introduce you to new opinions and perspectives in the world of fine jewelry and watches. In turn, we’re bringing on board a handful of fresh expert voices, including watch and horology consultant Sophy Rindler. Stay tuned for interviews with even more industry movers and shakers on The Loupe!

The global community of watchmakers, collectors and aficionados is a remarkably tight-knit crew—but the industry landscape is changing and growing. More independent brands are emerging, legacy brands are evolving to appeal to modern tastes and a new generation of younger collectors is taking a strong interest in the tradition of watch collecting.

And a notable mover and shaker in this expanding space is Sophy Rindler. Sophy is a well-known name and face in the industry and has an incredible knack for bringing together key players in the horology industry.

Born and raised in Paris, France, Sophy moved stateside in 1998 after earning her master’s degree in psychology. After working in the medical field, Sophy made an unlikely career move and partnered with a prominent Venezuelan jeweler, building the jeweler’s international client base and meeting with retailers and manufacturers. Throughout her tenure, Sophy’s interest in watches steadily grew and ultimately became the focus of her career.

Sophy went on and co-founded the Watches Art Gallery (WAG) in Geneva, a non-profit organization aimed at bringing widespread recognition to the tradition and art of fine watchmaking. She soon after became the head of the Miami chapter of RedBar, a nationally prominent watch collector’s club. Most recently, Sophy co-created the watch brand Tockr, a collection of Swiss-made watches with unique dials inspired by the Golden Age of American aviation. Sophy also has an impressive roster of private collectors who seek out her expertise to help build their own watch collections. As if all that wasn’t enough, Sophy is also a member of the TrueFacet team. Through her vast network, she has helped traditional watch brands open up their ecommerce channels through TrueFacet Brand Boutique.

We sat down with Sophy to chat about—no surprise here—watches and her #1 expert tips for new and veteran watch collectors.

Name: Sophy Rindler

Hometown: Paris, France

Current Residence: Miami, Florida

First Watch Purchase: My first watch purchases were numerous before I became part of the industry. However, the most important and significant one has been my Audemars Piguet Royal Oak in rose gold with a diamond bezel. It was intended for a client. But when I saw it, I immediately became obsessed with it and couldn’t stop putting it on my wrist. My business partner back then told me that I should keep it and that we would find another one for our client. And she said something I will never forget: “This watch will be your key to being recognized in the industry. If you want to sell high-end watches, you need to wear one.” She was right. It has since become my favorite watch in my collection.

Most Recent Watch Purchase: Chronometre Bleu (FP Journe)

Your Dream Watch: Paul Newman Daytona (6241 or 6239)

The Moment You were Hooked on Watches: In 2015, when I created the WAG (Watches Art Gallery) in Geneva, I discovered all the independent watchmakers and their incredible creations that were unlike anything I had ever seen before.

#1 Tip for Newbie Collectors: Buy what you like and not what you think will get you a return on your investment.

#1 Tip for Seasoned Collectors: Don’t buy vintage watches unless you are being advised by one of the few experts that exist in the world.


Main image courtesy of Hodinkee.