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Which Luxury Watch Brands Hold Their Value Best?

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which luxury watch brands hold their value best

Watches are useful accessories that make you look stylish and elegant. When looking for a watch, you want to look for something that is not going out of style and maintains its value through time. But which luxury watch brands hold their value best?

Rolex, Omega, and Patek Philippe are the most popular and renowned watches that maintain a high resale value. These four brands hold the highest appreciation in the collector’s market and are often seen as status symbols by those who own them. In this blog, we will discuss in more depth what brands are the ones that best hold their value.

Why Is Holding Value Important?

One key factor when purchasing a high-end watch is how much it will retain its value. Buying an expensive timepiece and having it lose too much value can disappoint any collector or enthusiast. That’s why researching which luxury watch brands hold their value best before you invest in one is so important.

It is important to consider that if you are buying a watch to invest in it, to pass on as an heirloom one day, or if you plan on selling your watch for profit in the future, it’s important to choose a model that has a high potential for retaining or increasing in value.

Best Watches That Hold Value

If you want to buy watches that hold their value well, there are six specific brands to focus on. These brands make watches that tend to retain their value better than others:



One of the most common questions from people who are not experts is whether Rolex watches hold their value. The short answer is yes! Rolex is one of the most collectible luxury brands and the most likely to maintain or even increase its value over time.

Many Rolex watches hold their value, but one of the most popular models made by the Swiss watchmaker is the Rolex Submariner, considered a modern classic.

Patek Philippe

patek philippe

Another brand that is a safe bet in terms of holding value is Patek Philippe. Patek Philippe is a watch brand that values vintage style more than most others. Their slogan, “You never really own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the next generation,” reflects their commitment to creating watches that will last and remain popular over time.



The watch used by James Bond has a more favorable price than its other competitors. Omega is a Swiss watchmaker that has been producing luxury watches since 1848. Omega watches retain their value well, allowing buyers to get their money back if they resell the watch.


jaeger lecoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre is known for creating watches with timeless designs. Producing many popular models, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso and Master Ultra Thin Moon are some of their most successful watches that have held their value well over time.

For almost a century, Jaeger-LeCoultre has long partnered with the renowned British car manufacturer Aston Martin.



Breitling watches are famous for their exceptional and inventive design that upholds the tradition of timekeeping within the aviation industry. They feature intricate details and exceptional performance. Breitling continues to be a popular choice among collectors and enthusiasts.

Tag Heuer 

tag heuer

Tag Heuer has been designing precise and performance-driven watches for over 150 years. Their watches are closely associated with sports and racing and have been present at several of the most unforgettable moments in sports over the years. This has made Tag Heuer even more popular among its dedicated fanbase today.

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When it comes to luxury watches, certain brands hold their value best. From Rolex and Patek Philippe to Omega and Tag Heuer, these six watchmakers have repeatedly proven themselves when creating pieces that retain their worth over time. Investing in a high-end watch shouldn’t be taken lightly, but with the right information, you can ensure that your purchase is one that you will enjoy for years to come.

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