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What Is Considered a Luxury Watch?

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what is considered a luxury watch

Do you know what makes a watch a luxury timepiece? Is it the intricate details on its face and band, or is it the brand name behind it? It’s both—and more. Luxury watches are perceived to be in a different realm than regular watches regarding craftsmanship, materials used, design impact, and exclusivity.

That said, here at TrueFacet, we believe that what makes a watch truly luxurious is something more intangible—it’s what the wearer feels when they put it on, what others feel when they notice it. It’s an exclusive reminder of what the owner has accomplished and what they aspire to become.

What Makes a Luxury Watch?

Luxury is a word that can have different meanings for different people. For some people, luxury is synonymous with opulence and wealth. But for many, luxury is about a feeling of quality construction, intricate design details, and lasting craftsmanship—all combined with a sense of exclusivity. Overall, a luxury watch should have some—if not all—of the following qualities:

In-House Mechanical Movement

Many luxury watches have an in-house movement (a mechanism) manufactured by the same company that makes the watch. This ensures the timepiece has been designed, assembled, and tested for accuracy, making it a superior timepiece.


Manufacturers will use only the finest materials available to create the highest-quality luxury watches. Look for artisanal metalwork and hand-crafted leather straps designed to last a lifetime.

High-Quality Materials

Luxury watches should be made from materials such as stainless steel or titanium for durability and have features like a sapphire crystal glass that is scratch and shatter-resistant. Other materials used include gold, platinum, diamonds, and semi-precious stones.

Unique Design

The design of a luxury watch should be aesthetically pleasing and intricate in detailing. It should also stand out from other watches on the market while considering its wearer’s style.

The Brand

The brand behind a luxury watch often speaks volumes about its quality level. Popular luxury brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, and Cartier have rich histories with renowned craftsmanship that sets them apart from other timepieces on the market. These brands are considered timeless classics for their technological advancements and elegant design aesthetics.

Exclusive Pricing

A luxurious watch should also be exclusive—in both pricing and availability. Luxury watches are typically more expensive than regular timepieces due to their higher-quality materials, intricate details, and prestigious brand name. In addition, they may be limited in production or only available through certain jewelry stores.

How Luxury Watches Are Made

The process of making a luxury watch starts with the design phase. Watchmakers create sketches and technical drawings that detail its dimensions, movement, components, and other specifications.

Once the design is finalized, manufacturers craft its various parts before they are assembled by hand. The movement is regulated and adjusted to ensure accuracy before it’s tested for durability in multiple environments. In the finishing phase, artisans add decorative details like diamonds or engravings to give the watch a unique appeal.

Ultimately, what makes a watch luxurious isn’t just about the materials used or brand name—it’s about how you, as an individual, feel when you put it on your wrist. It should stand out from the crowd and speak to your style, character, and achievements.

Find or Sell a Luxurious Timepiece

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