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Introducing TrueFacet Brand Boutique

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At TrueFacet, we have a deep appreciation for fine jewelry and watches and love helping our shoppers find that perfect item to express their style and celebrate the moments big and small in their lives. To further aid in your quest for that next special addition, we are thrilled to introduce TrueFacet Brand Boutique!

TrueFacet Brand Boutique is a new authorized partnership with independent designers to bring you an immersive luxury shopping experience, aimed at giving you exclusive access to new jewelry and watch styles from the world’s preeminent brands including:

Fabergé, imaginative and surprising designs worthy of the illustrious Faberge family name

Les Artisans de Genève, an intimate circle of highly-specialized independent watchmakers who pay tribute to legendary watch styles

Mimi So, whimsical, highly original and deeply sentimental jewelry designs that reflect an artist’s creative evolution

Manufacture Royale, a 250-year old watch brand, originally founded by Voltaire, gets a second life

TrueFacet Brand Boutique was designed to celebrate the talent and ingenuity of emerging designers and prominent international brands—and introduce them to our jewelry and watch-loving community. Through this revolutionary portal, you can learn the brands’ inspiring and fascinating history and get an in-depth look at every piece’s core inspiration and fine craftsmanship.

Every collection selected for TrueFacetBrand Boutique is the work of passionate designers and skilled artisans who invest so much of themselves into their designs. In turn, TrueFacet Brand Boutique aims to bring you ever closer to the creative process; we go beyond the product details and take you through the iterations the designer drafted, scrapped and re-worked in their relentless journey to perfect their final design. You can also explore how materials are responsibly sourced and where the item is meticulously assembled by the world’s leading craftspeople. This exclusive and exhaustive look at the production of every item—from conception to construction—inspires a new level of appreciation for these designers and your own collection.

We invite you to start exploring TrueFacet Brand Boutique and hope you uncover not only a beautiful piece to complement your personal style, but also connect with the stories that inspired its creation.