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Summer 2017 Travel Shopping Guide

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The lazy days of summer are numbered: Labor Day fast approaches, the days are slowly getting shorter and colder, and your patience for your annoying coworker is quickly dwindling. It’s time for a vacation—and a shopping spree.

Before you board that plane to paradise, check out this shopping guide we’ve put together to up your accessory game while you’re off enjoying the good life. From waterproof, beach-proof watches to chic necklaces that even the fashionistas of Paris wouldn’t scoff at, we recommend the best pieces to pack during your weekend (or week-long) getaway.

For a Tropical Escape

When packing for a trip to a beach destination like Aruba or Maui, make sure that the watches and jewelry you plan to wear can hold up against the hot weather and the salty sea air without suffering damage or getting scratched. We recommend the following waterproof timepieces and durable pieces of jewelry fit for the tropics.



We recommend this Tag Heuer Formula 1 timepiece because not only is it made of scratch-resistant stainless steel, but it is also waterproof to 200 meters, or about 656 feet. The extra-luminous dial will also make it easy to tell the time when you’re out at night or you’re especially deep underwater.


michael kors brinkley

This Michael Kors Brinkley watch is made of PVD-coated stainless steel, which makes it scratch- and sea-resistant, since the PVD coating hinders the oxidation of the zinc or nickel in the stainless steel. It is also waterproof to 165 feet and is a chronograph that can serve as a stopwatch, so feel free to time yourself using this watch while you do laps at the pool.

tiffany platinum earrings tiffany-platinum-necklace

If you’re staying shoreside and want to show off a little bling without damaging your fine jewelry, we recommend these earrings and matching necklace from Tiffany’s. Both are made with platinum, the strongest pure metal, which is also resistant to oxidization. The stud earrings are small enough that they won’t snag on your flowy, summery outfits. and the necklace includes beautiful diamond details that can withstand any sandy gust of wind.

For a Cosmopolitan Getaway

For a vacation in cities like New York, Venice, or Tokyo, you should be equipped with versatile pieces that won’t put you at risk of being pickpocketed. We’ve compiled these classic, understated watches and pieces of jewelry that are as Instagram-worthy as they are metropolitan-ready.


tissot watch

This gorgeous Tissot Le Locle timepiece is not just sleek-looking, but it also is contained in a scratch-resistant, stainless steel case. Its automatic movement makes life on the go in the city easy and is incredibly accurate as far as timekeeping goes. This watch has all the bells and whistles of a luxury watch without being too showy and attracting thieves.


baume mercier watch

We’re very partial to this Baume & Mercier Classima watch for its classic, understated look that could pair well with any outfit. The timepiece also has a gorgeous 14K yellow gold case, which takes the piece up a notch without sacrificing protection. And, as with most luxury watches, this one is outfitted with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face.


This 14K diamond loop necklace is just understated enough that it doesn’t look ostentatious, but it will still attract the eye. You could easily tuck the pendant into your shirt to keep it safe, which is easily a plus. In addition, while this piece is made with solid gold, the fact that it is only 14 karats—and therefore only 58.5% pure gold—means that it will  still hold up much better against scratches than higher karat pieces. Low-karat pieces of jewelry like this are perfect for withstanding the rough edges of city life, like having to squeeze through crowds on public transportation or walk down heavily populated streets.


Ready to go? Follow our guide to traveling with jewelry here. If you’re interested in purchasing insurance to keep your new pieces safe while you’re on the go, we have a guide for that too!