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Holiday Gift Ideas to Commemorate Your Relationship

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The gifting season makes us all a little nostalgic and, if you had something big and exciting happen to you and your partner, you’re probably feeling extra romantic. Check out our favorite gifts to surprise your loved one with this holiday season that are a sweet nod to the time you’ve spent together.

Your First Holiday Together
To commemorate your first holiday season together, consider one of these classic gift options that carry a warm and sentimental appeal without being too over-the-top!

Your Fifth Holiday Together
Here are three stately and timeless pieces that perfectly suit this milestone in your relationship that feel significant and immediately personal.

Your Tenth Anniversary
Congratulations on your anniversary! Ten years together calls for a meaningful gift and one your partner will cherish for years. Consider adding more of a personal touch by having the piece engraved with their initials or your anniversary date.

Your S.O. Landed That Big Promotion
Your significant other has been throwing themselves into their work, and this year, their effort and dedication has finally been deservedly recognized. Celebrate their exciting news with a gift of one of these timepieces that will perfectly match their new corner office.

You and Your Partner Moved Cross-Country
Packing up the old apartment and relocating to a new city is an exciting change for your family. Give your loved one a sweet something to remember your hometown by and kick off the next chapter in your new digs the right way.

You Had a Baby!
Welcome the newest member of your family with one of these commemorative gifts with baby’s birthstone. And, for even more gift ideas for new and expecting moms, check out our post here!