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15 Baby Gifts for New and Expecting Moms

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A “push gift” is a present given by the expectant mother’s partner to celebrate the arrival of their newborn, a humble gesture to recognize and thank new moms for carrying the baby for nine months. (Admittedly, the term “push gift” feels rather indelicate for such a well-intentioned present.)

Push gifts in general are on the rise but a growing trend is more expectant and new mothers treating themselves to a gift post-delivery.

So whether it’s for you, your partner, or a loved one, here are our favorite baby gifts for new moms.

Cartier Trinity Collection
The Cartier Trinity Collection features interlocked bands of yellow, white, and rose gold that represent a different tenet of a strong relationship: fidelity, friendship, and love. This sentimental collection carries more emotional weight, as the three bands can also symbolize your new family of three.

Birthstone Jewelry
Commemorate your newborn’s birth month with a piece of jewelry that includes their birthstone. (Check out the complete list of birthstones by month here.) Birthstones are traditionally worn as a pendant necklace, but there is an incredible variety of settings and styles available to customize your look.

Three or More Stone Pendant Necklace
Gemstone pendants are a sweet keepsake and many new mothers like to have a string of pendants with a stone to symbolize each member of the family. Alternatively, opt for layer-friendly delicate necklaces and build upon your collection as your family grows.

Diamond Band
Another popular gift for a new mom is a classic diamond band which is worn with or in lieu of their engagement and wedding band. Alternatively, some modern moms are sporting a diamond band on the ring finger of their right hand instead of stacking the three bands together.

An Elegant Watch
If you’re not one for jewelry, consider a stately timepiece as a gift to yourself. If you want the watch to feel more personal, ask a professional if the watchcase can be engraved with your baby’s initials or birthday.