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How to Find the Right Cartier Love Bracelet Size

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Besides its iconic screw-head motif, the Cartier Love Bracelet is known for its elegant elliptical shape that gives it a comfortable fit. This unique shape can make it slightly harder for you to determine your wrist size in Cartier’s Love Bracelet sizing system.

So, to help you find the perfect fit, we explain how to convert your wrist measurement into your perfect Cartier Love Bracelet size.

Preview of TrueFacet's Wrist Sizer.

Preview of TrueFacet’s Wrist Sizer. Click to enlarge.

1. Print and cut out TrueFacet’s Wrist Sizer. (Download link here.)

2. With the number markers on the outside, curl the wrist sizer in a circle and carefully insert the pointed end just through the small opening.

3. Place your hand through the wrist sizer and gently pull the pointed end through the slit until the wrist sizer fits comfortably around your wrist.

4. The number that lines up with the arrow is your wrist size. If the measurement is between two sizes, refer to the larger size. As a European company, Cartier measures their bracelets in centimeters.

5. To determine your Cartier Love Bracelet size, Cartier recommends adding one centimeter to your measured size for a tight fit and two centimeters for a loose fit.

And, once you receive your Cartier Love Bracelet, check out our video tutorial on how to easily put on and lock your Cartier Love Bracelet or Cartier SM Love Bracelet here!

Cartier Love Bracelet in Yellow and Rose Gold