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Guide for Buying a Pre-Owned Prada

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You’ll walk just a bit straighter and stand with your head just a bit higher when you have one of these babies on your shoulder. A Prada handbag is what many women dream of and buying one is the ultimate shopping experience.

However, that experience can quickly turn into a huge disappointment if the Prada handbag you buy turns out to be a fake. Make sure that doesn’t happen to you by always buying high-end handbags from a reputable source.

Plus, check out these tips on what to watch out for to ensure that your new Prada handbag is the real deal.

The Prada Logo

In an attempt to trip up counterfeiters, Prada makes their logo with some distinct things to watch for. The logo at first seems pretty straightforward. It consists of the words Prada, Milano, and a couple of emblems below that descend down in a triangular shape. The triangle may be stitched onto the bag like this one or have the logo printed directly onto the material like this one.

However, only a particularly perceptive eye will notice a couple of small things with the word “Prada”. First, the right leg of the “R” extends outward at an angle rather than straight down as would normally be expected with the font used. This leads to a slight gap between the “R” and the “A” to make room. That leg is also attached to the rest of the letter with a hinged, notched-out space. Finally, the right leg of the “A” extends over the left leg on top. If any of these tiny details are missing, the bag is fake.

Furthermore, check all the Prada logos both printed and engraved, not just the main one on the bag. Clever counterfeiters might make sure the main logo is correct, but count on you to overlook the other ones.

Dust Bag and Authenticity Card

Most, though not all, new Prada bags come with a dust bag. This bag is usually flannel or silky and should also sport a correct Prada logo.

All bags will come with an authenticity card. This card should be sealed, indicate the bag’s serial number and style information, and come tucked in a black envelope with the Prada logo on it. Care booklets are also included so consumers know how to best care for their classy new purchase.

Counterfeiters may also include these items so check them over carefully. Authentic cards will have flawless, perfectly straight fonts with accurate spacing.

Interior Plaque

All authentic Prada bags will also have an interior plaque. Older bags will have the words “Prada Milano Made in Italy” listed on three lines. Newer bags feature a shortened version that says “Prada Made in Italy” listed on only two lines. Regardless, the word Prada should still match the details we’ve already discussed.


Take a close look at the zippers and other hardware. Counterfeiters will sometimes use lower-quality materials to save money on the hardware. These will discolor over time or feel cheap and flimsy to the touch.

Prada also engraves their name on the buckles, zippers, locks, buttons, and metal feet. Again, it should be engraved correctly with the font properly spaced. Furthermore, Prada only uses zippers from Ykk, Lampo, Opti, Riri, and Ipi and these brand names will be engraved somewhere on the back of the hardware.

Luxurious Leather

The look of the exterior of a Prada bag can vary significantly. For example, this two-color blue tote looks quite different from this fashionable fanny pack.

However, one thing should always be clear — the leather should feel luxurious. The high-quality calf leather used to make these bags is soft and supple to the touch. Fake leather and lower-quality leather can mimic this appearance from afar, but can never fully replicate the luxurious feel.

Primed for a Prada?

If you’re ready for a pre-owned Prada — whether your first or fifteenth — the number one way to ensure you get an authentic one is to purchase from a reputable seller. On our marketplace, we offer an authenticity promise so our customers can always feel confident they are getting the product they expect.

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