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6 Best Field Watches for Men in 2021

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Back in the day, field watches were built for the battlefield. The watchmaking industry has since moved towards a more sophisticated realm, but has kept the key design attributes of early military field watches. These classic wristwatches have a solidified sturdiness and robustness made to last in trench warfare, and as we all know – durability is key when it comes to investing in a great timepiece.

Rolex Explorer 5504 Men’s Watch

Rebranded from the Oyster with numerical dials, the Rolex Explorer was introduced in 1953 to celebrate the first man to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. While not necessarily built for the warzone, and albeit too pretty to be there, the Rolex Explorer is a versatile field watch that would work on an adventure or just driving around the city. This Rolex Explorer 5504 Men’s Watch, manufactured in 1963, has a simple black dial and a rugged leather strap, is the ultimate expression of the watchmaker’s skill and expertise in the industry.

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Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Dial Men’s Watch

Tudor watches have impeccable craftsmanship and watchmaking prowess that takes after parent brand Rolex, which is why they also made this round-up for reliable field watches. The 41.0mm dial is slightly larger and showier than traditional, more modest, field watches, striking a perfect balance between outdoors and indoors. With a hardy leather strap and a scratch-resistant steel case, this Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Dial Men’s Watch is a great timepiece for the modern explorer.

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Hamilton Khaki Field Steel Watch

The Hamilton Khaki Field Steel Watch range is well-tested and a timeless favorite for the best field watches for men. Its rugged style is backed by a resilience that you can only find in Hamilton field watches. To top things off, this is an affordable option if you just want a timepiece you can wear outdoors without worrying too much about it.

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Omega Seamaster Diver Master Chronometer Watch

Despite the name, OMEGA Seamaster watches aren’t just for divers. They’re resilient and versatile enough to pull off a dressy or casual look. More importantly, they do extremely well outdoors. OMEGA watches have long proven their place in the category of field watches, accompanying many soldiers to war in the 1940s. Their military precision earned them the rights to be the largest supply of the British armed forces for shockproof, antimagnetic, and water-resistant timepieces.

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Luminox Atacama Field Day Date 1925 Men’s Watch

If you’re looking for a resilient and portable timepiece that doesn’t break the bank, this Luminox Atacama Field Day Date 1925 Men’s Watch is probably what you need. Luminox is long-helmed for their watches being able to sustain in the toughest and most rigorous environments. The Swiss watchmaker has mastered the iconic technology and durability of their watches, making them one of the best options in the market if you’re looking to invest in a field watch.

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Tissot Seastar T.12 42mm Hand-Wind Chronograph

The Tissot Seastar T.12 42mm Hand-Wind Chronograph has a contrasting black and white face, which makes it so that outdoorsmen don’t have to squint to look at the time. Like most vintage timepieces, the Tissot Seastar has withstood the test of time to prove its toughness and worthiness of being a great field watch. A bold red strap, with a 42.0mm barrel shape, this watch is a handy testament to a gentleman’s experience and time spent exploring the outdoors.

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