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Top 4 Fall Jewelry Trends

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Cooler weather doesn’t just mean unpacking your winter wear from the top shelf of the closet. Out comes the moodier side of the color palette and the opportunity to pair more articles of clothing together to either combine or collide.

And where do your accessories play into the combination of the total look? Pull your outfit together by putting the finishing touches on with the pieces and styles below.

Abstract and Geometric Pieces

Just like works of art, these pieces will bring not just refinery and beauty to your desired look. These shapes are out of the box, and though they’re minimal in design they still have a certain edge to them that have just the right amount of drama.

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Bib Necklaces and Chokers

It’s not news that trends from the 90s have been trickling back into the mainstream. Chokers are making a comeback if you’ve been noticing streetwear on the way to the office or people watching on a night out. This necklace style can be worn casually, but also with a formal look (especially if your choker is made from solid gold). Pair it with a simple formal look, or a dramatic gown the choker is the perfect accent. For a similar, yet more dramatic look opt instead for a bib necklace to capture the attention of the room

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Tassel Earrings &  Necklaces

Tassels are all over the runways. Dripping with stones or metal chains, they can add bohemian charm, edgy elegance or a victorian vibe to any any outfit.

Pops of Color

Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean the color from your wardrobe has to be. But instead of the brighter colors that come to mind during the hotter months, swap your mindset for the broodier colors for the crisper months.


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