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The Jewels Of Downton Abbey

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This Fall, longtime fans and audiences around the world will slip on their gloves and travel back to early twentieth century Yorkshire County. The Crawley Family and their household will make their debut on the silver screen this September 26th. Accompanying the characters is their signature style.

To capture the elegance and refinery of the Crawleys, we’ve curated a collection of items that inspire one to bring out their inner Countess or Marchioness. All Downton Abbey images via Pinterest.

Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham

The matriarch of the Crawley Family favors elegant long necklaces and earrings that dangle.









Lady Mary Josephine Talbot

Lady Mary’s name has been synonymous with beauty and grace. The eldest of the Crawley daughters is also known for her edge.



The Marchioness of Hexham

Intelligent and romantic, Edith Pelham’s style influences one to draw from their feminine side.