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How to Spot a Fake vs Real Hublot Watch

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Nearly immediately after its debut in 1980, the coveted Hublot watches became a serious target for counterfeiters. In fact, a mere five years after Hublot watches became available to the public, Hublot’s founder Carlo Crocco aggressively sought out and prosecuted counterfeiters. But before they were charged, counterfeiters had become so adept at replicating the Hublot design, it became incredibly difficult to distinguish an authentic Hublot from a knock-off.

To help you stay sharp in the marketplace, here are key tips on how to spot a fake Hublot watch.

1. Do a cursory quality assessment of the watch.
When looking over the watch, there are some immediate and visible flaws that are dead giveaways that the watch is a fake: misaligned printing on the dial, case back and strap; glue reside around the edges; or illegible or poorly printed markings.

We also recommend, if you’re shopping second-hand Hublot watches, you first visit an authorized dealer or official Hublot store to feel the weight of a genuine Hublot watch in your hands to compare.

A Real vs. Fake Hublot


2. Take a closer look at the branded details.
Hublot screws have a very specific H-shape and the screw is the same across all models—from the Big Bang, to the Classic Fusion and the oversized King Power. As for the screws on the inside, many fakes will use blue-colored screws whereas Hublot has never.

Run your finger over the Hublot logo on the clasp; the logo should be engraved, never etched or printed.

Hublot Fake Red Flags


3. Read carefully.
Study the dial which should read “Swiss Made.” And examine the markings on the movement itself. Double-check that Hublot Geneve is spelled correctly and is engraved, not printed.

4. Research the seller.
Check the seller’s credentials, location and dig up any reviews you can. Also question the website you are visiting and cross-reference the URL carefully; counterfeiters will oftentimes use a temporary domain name that is only a few letters off from a legitimate website to trick consumers into unwittingly purchasing a fake.

5. Independently determine the market value.
Carefully research the model you want to purchase and track the price for the same Hublot watch from other sellers. And remember: the saying is, “too good to be true” for a reason; if you’re being quoted a watch that is drastically lower than other retailers, there’s a good chance the Hublot watch is fake.

Whenever you shop pre-owned, the price will be affected by the piece’s market availability, condition, age, and overall demand so expect a slight range in the final cost. However be very wary if someone is offering the watch at a significant and disproportionate discount relative to the watch’s condition.

Hublot Watch

Ultimately only an expert can fully authenticate your timepiece. As interest in luxury timepieces continues to grow and Hublot watches increase in popularity, the more effort a counterfeiter is willing to put into producing a convincing fake. If possible, take your watch to a trusted watch expert for authentication and only buy from a trusted seller like TrueFacet.

If you have further questions regarding TrueFacet’s authentication process, contact our concierge representative here.


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