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Is it Bad to Buy a Pre-owned Engagement ring?

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What a happy guy you are! You are in a relationship with the love of your life, and the only thing left to do is make it official. You want the world to know you’re going to be together forever, which is symbolized by a beautiful engagement ring. But, which one? There are many, many engagement ring options to choose from. Before you decide between a solitaire and multiple diamonds, you have one big decision to make: whether or not you’ll buy a pre-owned ring. Yes, this is an option that is certainly worth considering!

Buy a Pre-Owned Ring

You and your soon-to-be fiance have your entire lives ahead of you. You’ll need to plan a wedding, book your honeymoon, buy a house, grow your family, plan for family vacations, make sure your kids are in good schools, and so much more. Spending an astronomical amount of money on her engagement ring now takes funds away from all of those important future events. That is why it is becoming such a popular idea to buy a pre-owned ring. 

Buying a pre-owned ring is not like buying used shoes. You can tell if someone has worn shoes; you cannot tell if a ring is pre-owned! If jewelry is well cared for, diamonds never lose their splendor, which is part of why they are so valuable. When you look at a few of our favorite options, this will be abundantly clear:

Tiffany & Co Aria Diamond 3 Stone Ring in Platinum

Platinum Round Cut Natural Diamond Bezel Set Wedding Set

Platinum Round Cut Diamond White Gold Wedding

Fine 18K Antique Inspired Round Cut Diamond Three Stone White Gold Ring

Fine 18Kt/14Kt Old European Cut Diamond White Gold Engagement Wedding Set

In fact, as you shop our online catalog you will see that some of these rings are pre-owned but never been worn. There is literally no difference between these rings and something brand new from a jewelry store, other than how affordable they are!

Buy Diamond Engagement Rings Online

This list is far from all of the gorgeous diamond rings you’ll find on our website. We encourage you to spend your time shopping around. You’re sure to find something that jumps out at you and says “I’m perfect!” 

Every woman should have an engagement ring she absolutely adores. You want to present her with something she is proud to show off! These rings will do that, and more. Don’t be afraid to choose a ring just because it has a previous owner. A pre-owned ring might be perfect for you and your partner! Choosing one of these rings takes nothing away from your big proposal and adds to the money you’ll have towards the rest of your life.