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How to Preserve Your Luxury Jewelry

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You have a fine collection of luxury jewelry that you absolutely adore. Whether your collection includes vintage pieces, newer designer jewelry, precious gemstones, or a combination of all three, you want to care for your pieces correctly. This means learning how to properly store and preserve luxury jewelry.

We don’t just sell some of the best designer and fine jewelry online. We also want to educate you as to how to best care for it once you have the pieces you love. It’s just part of our dedication to you!

How to Preserve Your Luxury Jewelry

In order to keep your precious pieces in great condition for years and even generations to come, follow a few simple tips:

#1 Choose a Jewelry Box With a Soft Lining

You’re not just going to throw all your pieces into a bowl or something, right? For fine jewelry such as yours, you will want to find something that has a soft fabric lining. This way, if you drop your jewelry in quickly after a long evening, you won’t risk damaging your gemstones or soft metals.

#2 Avoid Extreme Temperatures and Humidity

You want to store your jewelry at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. This means an old musty attic or hot storage unit without air conditioning are out of the question. Heat and humidity are bad for fine pieces of jewelry. In fact, light and heat can actually alter the color of some metals and stones. That would be such a shame to ruin a special piece like these Sea Wave Diamonds Platinum 24.21CT Diamond Earrings or this 45ct Diamond Necklace With Diamonds because the sunlight changes the way it looks.

#3 Store Special Pieces Separately

You want to keep your pieces separate. Clumps of necklaces and bracelets are such a nightmare to sort through! It is important that you keep your necklaces and other dangly pieces hung vertically to help prevent kinking and knotting. Beyond this, remember that diamonds are capable of scratching softer stones and metals. Your diamond jewelry should not be stacked in big piles in a drawer, because they could scratch one another. Instead, keep any pieces with large stones neatly and securely placed in a tray or other separator. As well, keep extremely special pieces away from cheaper pieces more likely to tarnish. A musty, corroded smell could transfer to your other jewelry, make your other jewelry tarnish faster, and even become corroded as well.

#4 Keep it in a Safe Location

Dirt and tarnish aren’t the only things threatening your jewelry. You want to store your jewelry in a cool, organized place, but you want it hidden in a secure safe. Place your most valuable items on velvet lined drawers within a locked, inconspicuous location. 

If you follow these four tips, your jewelry will be clean, safe, and beautiful for years to come!