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Jewelry to Transition from Winter to Summer

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If you live in a region that has four seasons, then you know all too well the grueling process of changing your wardrobe as those seasons come and go. Hats and boots are stored and replaced with florals and linen until such time as the reverse needs to take place. One way you can scale back on the stresses of switching on your wardrobe is employing versatile pieces that can accessorize any ensemble, all year round. Here are some winter-friendly pieces that would not look out of place with a sundress.

Colored Studs
Style blogs always recommend stud earrings because long, dangly earrings can often get caught in hats or scarves. Though the timeless diamond stud looks great with everything, we recommend jumping aboard the colored gemstone wagon and pitching in for a pair of colorful studs. These dainty accessories could easily complement your favorite black turtleneck sweater or a vibrant tea dress without breaking a sweat.

Flat Rings
Again, color is your best friend here. When a raised stone on a ring snarls up a scarf or a sweater, it’s not pretty, and it can damage your jewelry. Experts suggest wearing flat rings during the winter season, but there’s no reason they can’t look great for the spring and summer, too! Choose a bezel-set or channel-set ring with colored gemstones that will remain shiny and snag-free all year round. Your knit gloves will thank you.

Non-Metal Chokers
Everybody groans about how coats hide so much of their carefully-chosen outfits, and one workaround that stylists have discovered is the use of a non-metal choker. For an accessory that will look and feel great all year round, we recommend chokers made of fabrics like silk, lace, or cotton. In the winter, they won’t conduct the cold like a metal choker would and feel like a block of ice around your neck, but they will add a little something extra to your ensemble as they peek out above your scarf and coat. In the summer, these delicate fabrics turn into light, breathable accessories that add a special touch to your outfit.

Long Pendant Necklaces
A long pendant necklace may not be visible while you’re walking around with your coat on outside, but when you finally pop into the office or the restaurant and get to shed your layers, a simple pendant necklace could easily dress up a plain, chunky knit sweater without looking gaudy. In warmer months, this modest piece would pair well with a lightweight shirtdress for a breezy, effortless look.

Fabric Brooches
A modern spin on an old-world touch, fabric brooches add a colorful, romantic spirit to a classic wardrobe. In the winter, pin them onto the lapel of your coat for a burst of much-needed color in the dreary gray outside. In the spring, stick them onto a jean or leather jacket for a vintage touch. And in the summer, pin it onto a plain t-shirt and pair it with jeans for a super-simple yet sweet look.