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15 Travel-Friendly Pieces from TrueFacet Boutique

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Whether you’re travelling in order to relax, immerse yourself in a foreign culture, or take on the elements, it’s essential to pack low-maintenance jewelry and watches that will make an impact without demanding much space. These pieces can easily be mixed and matched, worn alone, or layered, giving you endless style options that will be appropriate for whatever type of vacation you’re looking to have.

1. Beachy Getaway

If you’re travelling to some exotic location like Ibiza, St. Barthes, or Tulum, where unwinding is the only thing on the agenda, you’re going to need jewelry and watches that complement the white sand, blue water, flowy garments and colorful mixed drinks that surround you.


2. Ville Charmante

If you find yourself strolling through the streets of a European city like Paris, Barcelona, or Florence, eating in quaint cafés and visiting countless museums, then you’re going to need chic pieces that pair just as well with comfortable walking attire as with a slinky LBD or suave suit in the evenings.

3. Thrill-seekers’ Paradise

If you’re the kind of person who prefers adventure travel like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, camping along the Inca trail, or riding elephants in Chiang Mai, then you’ll need jewelry that stays out of the way and watches that are functional while still boasting a clean, attractive design. And, above all, you’ll need pieces that can survive the elements.


4. Winter Wonderland

If you prefer to winter rather than summer and are a regular at the ski and snowboarding resorts in Vale, Aspen, or Gstaad, then the jewelry and watches you require should be snag-proof (for the sake of your chunky knit scarves and gloves) and snow-proof without losing their sleek, alluring spirit.


5. Subterranea

If instead of the warmth and the sun, you’d rather spend time in the cool, dark depths of underground caves, then you should choose accoutrement that will do more than just accessorize: durable watches that can guide your journey, track your progress, and/or just light your way with glow-in-the-dark technology should be the first on your list for a vacation like this.