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Cardi B in Cartier… A Match Made in Heaven

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Cardi B in Cartier

Even though it’s only been a few years, Cardi B has cemented herself as a household name. Anyone within the ‘know’ of current trends, conversations, and the happenings of the times are merely degrees of separation from rapper Cardi B. Whether you love her, hate her, or are indifferent, she remains to be a top tier talent in an ever changing, highly tumultuous industry.

While stars & one-hit-wonders alike seem to fall victim to the ever flaming-out limelight which once shined so bright, Cardi B has surprised, and in some ways infuriated others with her clear sustainability as both a bonafiable musician, as well as a bankable star.


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She is all over our televisions, and as of this past September, she is in womens’ make up cabinets as she adds her name to the products of  Tom Ford. Cardi also had multiple Grammy nominations added to her resume as her debut album Invasion of Privacy scored five nominations. 

This clear an unstoppable force Cardi B embodies, is most reflective in her bold and eye-grabbing fashion and jewelry style. 

Via a ‘Christmas morning’ Instagram Post, Cardi B put on display her gifted wrist full of “mega-carat” diamond Love bracelets, including two diamond-encrusted Cartier watches which retail for $43,000 each. These incredible presents, gifted to her by her significant other, ⅓ of the Migos–Offset, can be purchased at TrueFacet at a fraction of the price. 

Step your game up this Holiday season–shop like a star, save like a pro.

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