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What do I Look for When Buying Gemstones?

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Buying Gemstones

We sell numerous different types of jewelry on our website, including those with gemstones. Whether you have your eye on a pair of gold and ruby earrings, emerald ring, onyx cufflinks, or nearly anything else, you can find it in our catalogue! We know you’re excited to buy gemstones, and we’re excited for you. At the same time, it can feel a bit risky to make such a large purchase. Do you feel as if you’re not sure whether or not you’re buying the right thing? Do you feel confident in the quality of your purchase? We want to ensure you have the peace of mind you need to feel nothing but excited about buying gemstones from us, which is why we put together a quick guide.

When you’re buying gemstones online, you’ll want to ask yourself a few key things:

#1 Why is this gemstone cut and/or set in this particular way?

Gemstones are typically fashioned in certain cuts or settings based on their specific characteristics, particularly if the type of gemstone is susceptible to damage. An emerald is most often presented in a rectangular shape with truncated corners because this suits its brittle nature. That’s why the shape is called an “emerald-cut” even if another gemstone is cut into it! Opals, which are very soft, are often sold with a bezel setting to protect the stone. You wouldn’t want to buy a soft gemstone that is set in a way that will quickly lead to irreparable damage. 

#2 What factors make this gemstone the right choice for me?

Buying a piece of luxury gemstone jewellery should reflect your personality and tastes. Why does this particular gemstone feel so right to you? Do you simply like its color and clarity? Is it a particular birthstone? Does it match a special outfit you have planned? Choosing the “best” gemstone is more subjective than choosing a diamond, so be prepared to follow your instincts and select a piece that you love.

#3 Do I really know what I’m buying?

You may be surprised to know that there are more than 15 gemstones in the market today. Learning their names is important, because you may come across gemstones that are known by two names. The “Balsa ruby” is actually red spinel and an “evening emerald” is peridot. Familiarise yourself with gemstone names so you aren’t fooled into paying more because of a clever name change.

Luxury jewelry is a significant purchase. As a buyer, you need to have comfort that you are getting fair value for your money. Hopefully, this simple breakdown helps you to feel more confidence in your purchase. If at any time you are feeling unsure, our team is here to help! This is why we are so proud of our Authenticity Promise. TrueFacet therefore promises that if you are not fully satisfied with the authenticity of your purchase, we will be here to help you and work with the seller of the item to accept a return of the item and refund your money back.