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Bulgari Rings and Jewelry We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off Of

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Jewelry has the power to change the way we perceive ourselves and how we look at the world. When we surround ourselves with striking and magnificent things, we in turn share that beauty with the world. Bulgari has long been a jewelry company greatly esteemed for its unwavering attention to detail and design aesthetic. Worn by women of such majesty as Hollywood starlet Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana, Bulgari has designed lasting testaments in the grand tradition of craftsmanship.

Bulgari rings, necklaces or bracelet bring their own flavor to the wearer, never wearing the same way twice. You are an original, so why not wear a Bvlgari piece as original as you are?

Bvlgari 18K White Gold Band Ring


Immediately recognized as a classic Bvlgari ring with its three-row band design and its one-of-a-kind central mobile part created using the Tubogas technique, wearers of this piece appreciate this white gold band’s minimalist look. Stamped with the Bvlgari insignia, this gorgeous piece of the Bulgari jewelry collection is as stunning as it is masterful.

18K Rose Gold Green Marble Band Ring


As a luxury jewelry connoisseur, you recognize the artistry that goes into making a beautifully well-crafted Bulgari statement piece. Bulgari’s Rose Gold Green Marble Band Ring pops with its verdant, natural color and gleams with Bvlgari-stamped gold. While this ring can be dressed up for cocktail hour or dressed down for the morning’s board meeting, it will never be “just another fashion fad.” This Bvlgari ring exudes elegance and a pinch of panache.

18K Pink Gold Blue Marble Band Ring


Designed with Bulgari’s Tubogas Montre de Marque, the Pink Gold Blue Marble Band Ring shimmers like the starry night sky. The pink gold balances the sapphire blue of the stone with an exotic blend of hues that give a glowing light of warmth. This Bulgari ring demonstrates the supremacy of a gold statement piece.

Tondo Sun Sautoir 18K Yellow Gold and Stainless Steel Long Necklace


From Bulgari’s Tondo Collection, the Tondo Sun Sautoir is an immaculate, dazzling long necklace designed in 18K yellow gold with a stainless steel accent in a delicate, polished finish. With an imagined sun setting at the center of the pendant, the necklace’s wearer carries a sunbeam with her wherever she goes, be it to a late night soiree or her child’s holiday pageant. Stamped with Bulgari’s seal of approval, the Tondo Sun Sautoir necklace represents the design perfection Bulgari is so championed for today.

Rose Gold and Coated Steel Cuff Bracelet


This elegant bracelet brings poise and candor to its wearer. With its 18K rose gold and carbon coated steel, the sleek design of the bracelet is as timeless as it is trend setting. The Bulgari bracelet lends itself to the refinement and sincerity of the wearer, capturing her integrity and ingenuity.

No matter which finger you choose to don your Bulgari ring on, or which necklace you choose dazzle the evening in, you’ll have the added bonus of sending whatever message you choose to in the classic Bulgari style. Shop Bulgari rings and jewelry today with TrueFacet.