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Are Second Hand Diamonds Cheaper?

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Diamonds have captured people’s imagination and love for the finer things in life for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. It’s important to note that one thing that makes diamonds so special is that they all have value, even second hand diamonds. Whether it is an engagement ring, diamond family heirloom, or even a loose diamond, they all have value. There is always a market for selling diamonds for the simple fact that there is always a demand for diamonds.

Does that mean it will cost you just as much to buy a second hand diamond as it would to buy a brand new diamond straight from the jewelry store? Actually, no.

Are Second Hand Diamonds Cheaper? 

Typically speaking, a second hand diamond is around 30-50% less expensive. Because of this, second hand diamond rings are considerably cheaper than a similar brand new ring. The same size and quality diamond will often be thousands of dollars less than a similar ring that’s new. You can buy a piece that you or someone special will love, for a price you’re thrilled with.

That being said, it is important to note that some used engagement rings can be worth more than they were when new. This has to do with whether they are true vintage rings and have sought after design details or previous owners. Imagine the engagement ring worn by a famous dead celebrity or the first piece of jewelry Coco Chanel designed. These pieces will be incredibly costly, so that’s not the type of second hand diamonds we’re talking about here.

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When you shop on our website, you’ll find what you’re looking for. We have many options for people looking to buy a second hand diamond at a price they are happy about. A few of our favorite selections include:

Tiffany & Co Aria Diamond 3 Stone Ring in Platinum Spending an astronomical amount of money on your fiance’s engagement ring takes funds away from the wedding, honeymoon, and other important future events. That is why it is becoming such a popular idea to buy a second hand diamond ring. 

Diamond, Onyx, and Emerald Bracelet We absolutely guarantee that when you walk into the room wearing this sparkling stunner, no one will wonder if your diamonds were bought used. This beautiful bracelet was designed as a wide band set with circular, old and single-cut diamonds, enhanced by marquise and French-cut diamonds within onyx surrounds, with calibré-cut emerald detail.

Classic Diamond Stud Earrings Who doesn’t love a chic pair of diamond stud earrings? They’re a staple of every woman’s jewelry collection!

Buying a second hand diamond is not like buying used shoes. You can tell if someone has worn shoes; you cannot tell if a diamond is pre-owned! If jewelry is well cared for, diamonds never lose their splendor. This aspect is part of why they are so valuable!