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A Tank Amongst Tanks

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Louis Cartier invented the original Tank watch in 1917, its shape inspired partly by the French-made Renault FT-17 tank used during World War I. Cartier has been making various versions of the distinctive timepiece ever since, while others have followed suit with more or less similarly shaped watches that evince similar classic style.


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       A tank might sound like a strange source of inspiration for jeweler, nevertheless, Cartier took the small, maneuverable frame of the Renault FT17, making point of its modernist lines– and brought a true classic to the world’s main stage. Jacqueline Kennedy & Andy Warhol are just a few who went on to choose tanks as their style equal


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Cartier is viewed as one of the most lofty gems producers on the planet. In 2018, it was positioned by Forbes as the world’s 59th most significant brand.


Cartier’s noteworthiness may be due, in no small part, to its long history of offers to sovereignty. Lord Edward VII of Great Britain alluded to Cartier as “the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers.”



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