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Guy Style: Favorite Celebrity Accessories

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If you thought your accessory choices were limited, take style cues from your favorite celebrities. With resurging trends, like the tie clips worn by David Gandy and Chris Pine, and emerging trends, like men’s bracelets as worn by Johnny Depp and Liam Hemsworth, men are in the midst of an accessory revival. If your style is classic, you can take notes on cufflinks from George Clooney and Colin Firth. Finally, for a personal statement, get inspired by watch collectors John Mayer and Bradley Cooper. Whatever your style, there’s an accessory for you, so check out this list of our favorites along with advice on how to execute your look.

1. Tie Clips
tieclip[Tateossian London Rectangle Tie Clip][Tateossian London Sterling Silver Pinch Tie Clip]

This simple men’s accessory is as easy and convenient as it is timeless and stylish. This functional accessory is meant to hold the tie to the shirt to keep the tie in place, so make sure you aren’t only attaching the clip to the tie. Though the tie clip seems straight forward, there are two different types to wear with different styles. Wear a slide clasp with a light shirt and thin tie, and wear a pinch clasp with a heavier shirt and thick tie. You should also make sure your clip isn’t wider than your tie. As a general rule, wear a tie clip that’s three-quarters of the width of your tie.

2. Braceletsbracelets[Theo Fennell Chain Link Bracelet][John Hardy Leather Bracelet]

Bracelets have become increasingly popular, adding to the selection of men’s fashion accessories. A leather strap or bold sterling silver chain link bracelet can add a masculine statement to your look without sacrificing style. The key to perfectly styling bracelets is balance. Don’t pair too many bracelets of the same weight and texture. If you are pairing your bracelet with a luxury watch, be sure that your bracelet doesn’t over the shadow the watch and that it’s high-quality just like your watch.

3. Cufflinks
cufflinks[Cartier Trinity Cufflinks][Patek Philippe Cufflinks]

Cufflinks should be saved for formal occasions and holidays. The small accessory is perfect to add a touch of class and pull a formal look together. The cufflinks you choose can add another dimension to your outfit — a pop of color should you choose a gemstone, or an interesting quirk.

4. Watches
watches[Bvlgari BVLGARI Chrono Diagono][Rolex Submariner in Stainless Steel]

Watch collecting has reached new heights of popularity and there’s a style for any type of enthusiast. If you wish to make a statement with a tasteful, jewelry-like accessory, a Bulgari watch might be the right fit for you. If you are looking for a classic and functional watch, then you should consider something like a Rolex Submariner. Watches are a more personal item for men who are avid watch connoisseurs. The only style tip is to make sure your watch fits the occasion — a dress watch for formalwear and a sports watch for leisure activities. Also remember to match your metals throughout your ensemble.

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