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5 Predictions for Engagement Ring Trends for 2019 and Beyond

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The classic solitaire diamond ring may always be a popular engagement ring choice, but there are plenty of unique ring trends that are catching on. If you’re planning on shopping for the ring any time soon and want to get ahead of the game, it’s best to see what will be trending in the coming year. Here are 5 predictions for some promising engagement ring trends that are likely to catch on in 2019!

Pear-Shaped Diamonds

Pear-cut diamond ringRound cut diamonds might be the go-to choice, but pear-shaped diamonds are starting to garner some renewed interest. Over the past few years, vintage rings have become very trendy, so it’s no wonder the vintage pear shape is gaining popularity. Inspired by Cardi B’s 7-carat pear diamond and other celebrity engagement rings, some couples are choosing pear-shaped sparklers of their own. This choice looks great paired with a diamond halo and other vintage-inspired styles.

Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstone ringFans of colorful jewelry will be happy to hear that colored gemstone engagement rings are coming back in style. Although colored gems were once a popular engagement choice before the 20th century, nowadays they’re usually passed over in favor of a crystal clear diamond. Every year, however, colored gems are growing in popularity, and around 20% of engagement rings now feature colored gems. Expect this trend to increase and look forward to seeing a lot of blue and pink sapphire, ruby and yellow diamond engagement rings in the years to come.

Yellow Gold Rings

Yellow gold was once the favored metal for engagement rings and sought after for many classic diamond solitaires. In recent decades, couples have moved away from yellow gold to seek a more modern look with white gold and platinum, which became the standard metal for engagement rings. Interestingly, yellow gold is now predicted to make a comeback, for those couples who are seeking a more dainty, classic style. Yellow gold tends to look best paired with a clear diamond, but warm colored gems like ruby and pink sapphire can be great choices as well.

Bypass Rings

3D illustration silver ring bypass with diamond on a white backgroundA bypass ring is an interesting choice, and like most predictions on this list, it’s inspired by vintage style. This ring type was all the rage during the Victorian era, and for good reason: the unique shape of the ring can symbolize the union of two lovers. Although it was popular centuries ago, the bypass ring is coming back into style because its elegance and minimalism lends it a modern look. For an even more romantic vibe to represent two joining as one, you can include two different center stones (perhaps a blue sapphire and a diamond).

Twisting Bands

Casual style silver and golden ring isolated on white background. Wedding rings band twisted designTwisting bands are one unique trend that is expected to grow in popularity in the coming years. Unlike the other items on this list, twisting bands are more of a newer, modern style. As naturalistic designs in jewelry have started to become more common over the past decade, it makes sense that the organic look of a twisting band would grow popular for engagement rings. In general, expect more emphasis on the band’s design as a rising trend over the next decade.

These five trends are a natural result of the market responding to millennial jewelry preferences. In general, millennial couples have gravitated towards everything vintage, natural, and minimalist, and these preferences will likely guide similar predictions early into the next decade.

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