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3 Men’s Omega Watches Women are Pulling Off

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Contemporary tastes in watches have increasingly favored larger and larger case sizes for both men and women. In turn, more women are sporting what have been traditionally classified as “men’s” watches and styles. We rounded up our favorite Omega men’s watches that stylish women are incorporating into their wardrobes.

The Omega DeVille: An Elevated Casual Watch
Modern and vintage Omega DeVille watches are smart choice and suit the current minimalist and over-sized trends. The Omega DeVille is characterized by its clean dial and clean bezel. The no-frills design allows it to seamlessly slip into your wardrobe. And even better, this is a very budget-friendly style, making it a perfect option for your everyday watch.

Vintage Omega Seamaster: A Quintessential Omega Style
The Seamaster ranks as Omega’s most recognizable style and Omega has greatly expanded its iconic Seamaster collection to appeal towards women, introducing models with smaller case sizes, mother of the pearl dials, and diamond bezels and hour markers. But vintage men’s Seamasters in particular have become a favorite among fashionable women. The vintage Seamaster’s pared-down dial, sleek bezel and thin watchcase make it a cool option for women looking for a unique but timeless watch.


The Omega Constellation: An Elegantly Sporty Watch
The Omega Constellation marks a significant moment in the brand’s history when Omega shattered its own precision record in 1951. The Swiss brand re-launched its Constellation collection for women in 2009 which includes printed dials, diamond bezels, and trendier metals including red gold on steel. However, the traditionally men’s styles remain equally appealing to women who are drawn to the recognizable “clawed” bezel and unique bracelet which is made up of horizontal links for maximum comfort.

If you opt for a larger, oversized or men’s watch style, read our tips to ensure your watch fits properly, especially if you have a small wrist.

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