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How to Buy the Right Size Watch for Small Wrists

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Large or oversized faces are the “in” look for watches. While some wearers can masterfully pull off a hefty 45mm Panerai Radiomir, the same watch can look disproportionate—even comically oversized—on wearers with small wrists.

But, why should you miss out on this oversized trend? Wearers with thin wrists are can sport a large watch too. Just follow these three cardinal rules to find the perfectly-sized-oversized watch for your narrow wrist.

RULE #1: Watch lugs should never extend beyond the width of your wrist.
To ensure your oversized watch looks intentionally large, find a style where the watch lugs do not go over the end of your wrist.


Watch lugs are the part of the watch that connect the case to the bracelet. However, watch lugs are not necessarily included in the measurement of the case diameter. So, double-check the length of the lugs as they are the real fit game-changer, even above the case diameter.

RULE #2: Watch bracelets should not slide more than an inch up or down your wrist.
Regardless of your wrist size, if your watch falls down over your hand or slides up your entire arm, it looks sloppy. And this faux-pas is particularly pronounced if you have a slim wrist.

Your watch should fit comfortably around your wrist so that it does not slide more than an inch in either direction. Bring your watch bracelet to a jeweler and have it properly fit to your wrist.

RULE #3: Do not overlook case thickness.
Watch case thickness typically ranges from 6-10mm, with some creeping upwards of 17mm. In turn, the thickness of the watch case affects your perception of a watch’s overall size; thick watches feel bigger. Therefore, slim wrists should opt for a thinner watch case to maintain a good proportion between your wrist and oversized watch.

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