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2019 New Year’s Resolutions: Watches to Reach Your Goal

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Get motivated to take on your New Year’s resolution—from getting fit, to saving money, or traveling more—with one of these relevant watch recommendations to help you crush your 2019 goal!

Resolution #1: Get fit.
Watch Recommendation: Omega Speedmaster
Whether you’re training for a marathon or just trying to get back into the healthy groove of working out regularly, treat yourself to a chronograph watch like the Omega Speedmaster. A chronograph is basically a stopwatch and, even better, the Speedmaster features a tachymeter scale, which measures your speed over a fixed distance—super helpful if you’re trying to improve your race time or simply track your progress. (Learn more about how to use your tachymeter here.) Regardless of which type of chronograph you get, though, consider swapping out the metal bracelet with a rubber or NATO strap that makes for easier cleaning after breaking a sweat!

Resolution #2: Travel more.
Watch Recommendation: Rolex GMT Master II
If you’re planning on racking up the frequent flyer miles in 2019, invest in a Rolex GMT Master II. Invented in the 1950s during the advent of commercial air travel, the GMT bezel allows you to read the local time and a second time zone. The Rolex GMT Master is a robust and durable watch that will be able to keep up with your packed travel schedule and easily keep track of the time back home! To learn more about how to set and read a GMT bezel, check out our post on the topic here!

Resolution #3: Focus on self-care and get more sleep.
Watch Recommendation: Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch
A common resolution is carving a little more “me time” in the day. For some people, that means a few minutes of meditation or treating yourself to a relaxing massage, and, for others, that simply means getting some more sleep. To help you clock in a full 7-9 hours of sleep a night, consider the Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch. You’d never know that this elegant watch is actually a smartwatch that pairs with your phone to send you push notifications, track your activity, and monitor your sleep cycle.

Resolution #4: Spend more time outdoors.
Watch Recommendation: Traser P96 Outdoor Pioneer
Breathing in crisp, fresh air has been shown to lower your blood pressure and heart rate and strengthen your immune system, which is why many people aim to spend more time outdoors in the new year. So, to prep for your alfresco excursions, you should check out the Traser P96 Outdoor Pioneer watch. This rugged timepiece was designed for emergency and rescue teams and the most adventurous hikers; its water-resistant features, 10-year lifespan, and trademark self-illuminating Trigalight technology signature to the Traser brand all make it perfect for an experience as adventurous as you are. The P96 Outdoor Pioneer watch is a reliable bit of camping equipment to have in your pack.

Resolution #5: Save more money.
Watch Recommendation: Consign Your Current Watch
If you’d rather save money than spend it in the new year, consider pulling out that old watch that’s been sitting in your dresser drawer and start putting it to work earning money for you! Consign or list a watch that you’re no longer wearing with TrueFacet and you can earn 80% of the list price. Take your payout and squirrel it away for a rainy day—or, hey, another watch in the future!