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15 New Watches for the Modern Collector

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From low-key smartwatches to minimalist styles to refashioned Rolexes, we pick our fifteen favorite watch styles for modern collectors looking for something radically new.

Frederique Constant’s Smart Looking Smart Technology
The Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch looks like a classic wristwatch and includes cutting-edge smartwatch technology. Pair this handsome watch with your phone to track your daily steps, calories burned and total distance. Enjoy the perks of a modern smartwatch without compromising your style.

Les Artisans de Genève’s Reimagined Classics
Independent watchmaker Les Artisans de Genève puts a unique stamp on time-honored Rolex models with custom dials, refashioned bezels and updated bracelets. These artfully reimagined models are a cool conversation piece for any collector and Rolex fans will revel in testing their Rolex knowledge, spotting the subtle updates to these reimagined Submariners and Daytonas.

HYT’s Ancient Cutting-Edge Technology
HYT’s watches are veritable engineering marvels and will mesmerize new and veteran watch collectors. Loosely based upon the ancient water clock (or clepysdra), one of the earliest recorded timekeeping methods, HYT’s wristwatches use a proprietary mechanical movement that compresses a bellow and pushes a tinted liquid through a glass capillary to indicate the time. HYT’s novel approach to indicating time is like a progress bar for the hours passed in a day, perfectly suited for today’s tech-minded society.

Traser’s Watches for Adventure-Seekers
If you’re a collector who likes to wear your watches day-in, day-out, check out Traser’s collection of incredibly durable watches. Traser is the brand-of-choice emergency and rescue teams, police forces, and adventurous hikers and outdoor thrill-seekers who rely on Traser’s break-through illumination technology. Traser’s Trigalight technology allows the watch dial to remain illuminated without the aid of batteries or an external light source. These robust watches are best suited for modern watch collectors and wearers who need a watch that can keep up with them.

Modern Minimalist Styles
Contemporary tastes are gravitating towards sleeker and minimalist watch styles: classic dials, thin bezels and leather bands. Thanks to their premier craftsmanship, these beautifully pared down styles are built to last and perfectly on-trend without being too trendy.