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What Does Your Jewelry Say About You?

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It’s no secret that high-quality designer jewelry is both gorgeous and timeless. A piece of jewelry instantly takes an outfit from nice to stunning. Choosing the right new designer necklace or other piece of jewelry is a bit more complicated than just “What do I think looks pretty?” You want to add accents to your ensemble that give off the right impression. What does your jewelry say about you?


There’s something about a stunning pearl necklace that tells the world you are classic, elegant, and a lover of the finer things in life. This Mikimoto 18k Yellow Gold Cultured Akoya Golden Pearl 34″ Opera Necklace is one of our favorites. If you instead prefer a smaller piece of jewelry, the Heritage Gem Studio Neck Pearls with Silver Clasp White Pearls would be perfect for achieving that old Hollywood glamour you’re looking for! This necklace is made from 45 stunning freshwater pearls. Wow! We also love the classic combination of mixing pearls with diamonds, like you’ll find on this 14k Yellow Gold Diamond And Pearl Ring.


When people think of rubies, they think of royalty. Rubies also represent friendship and love. If you have a ruby bracelet, like this Gold Diamond Ruby Bracelet, as your go-to accessory, you will be seen as peaceful and content with life. You are a loyal friend and your love withstands the test of time, just like these beautiful stones. It’s impossible not to feel absolutely radiant wearing this Gold And Ruby Bangle Bracelet or David Gross Platinum Ruby Ring


The deep and alluring blue of the sapphire gemstone embodies a strong mental clarity. People who choose sapphires are perceived to be honest, trustworthy, and very perceptive. A sapphire says you know who you are in the world, and you’re proud of it. These Gold Diamond Sapphire Hoop Earrings are truly some of our favorites. For just a touch of blue, this Invisible Set Sapphire Gold Ring is the perfect accessory.


You simply cannot go wrong outfitting yourself in diamonds. A diamond is one of the most iconic and sought after gemstones on the market, and for good reason. A diamond symbolizes longevity, like in a relationship. They also symbolize perseverance and an enduring mindset,  never giving up or giving in. People who choose diamonds do so because they are timeless, classy, and never out of style. You’re sure to turn heads when you enter the room wearing the Asscher Diamond Eternity Band or Tiffany & Co. Seven Stone Diamond Platinum Ring. If you love diamonds (and who doesn’t?) your options are nearly endless! 

What you wear, especially your jewelry, says a lot about you! What do you want your jewelry to say? We hope this quick guide helps you to build an outfit you will look and feel your best in! After all, when you feel great about yourself, it shines through in your confidence and others will think you look fabulous as well!