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Watch Collecting – It’s a matter of quality over quantity

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How many watches is too many? When have you stopped being an aficionado and simply become a hoarder?

True watch lovers are obviously scoffing at the moment. They sincerely believe that you can never have too many. That every year, there’s another time telling masterpiece to lust over and aim for. Combine that with the love for vintages and you will never run out of pieces to collect.

While we agree with that statement, we do believe that there is a limit. Simply buying watches because you need something to splurge on or to boast of your collection isn’t true collecting. Having a drawer full of junk watches that you picked up from wherever shouldn’t count. And owning watches that you don’t value is simply a waste.

Simply put – watch collecting is a matter of quality over quantity. It may be better to own fewer, one of a kind truly amazing pieces that tens of cheap watches. To read more about which watch is meant for you, check out our Guide at