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Used Engagement Rings: Myth vs. Reality

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Purchasing used engagement rings can seem somewhat taboo for a number of reasons: some think they carry bad energy or bad luck because of their previous owners; some think these rings are inherently subpar in quality; others simply think these rings are dated and tacky.

However, these misconceptions simply aren’t always true. We’re bringing you the facts of buying used engagement rings to dispel the myths that are associated with them and to encourage you to consider this affordable and environmentally friendly option.

amethyst engagement ring

Similar in style to Kate Middleton’s engagement ring, this pre-owned piece also features a colored gemstone in the center: amethyst is thought to bring love and good health to those who wear it.

Myth #1: All used engagement rings carry bad energy. Why would I invite that into my marriage?
Mythbuster: Not all used engagement rings come from people recovering from broken engagements or marriages. Many come from couples who are still together and just want a different ring. Some come from inherited family jewels. There are even some that could be new but were sold by retailers at a discount so they could get rid of stock!

While, certainly, a small number may come from failed relationships, they are in the minority. In reality, people often sell their engagement rings so they can use the money to upgrade to another ring with a bigger stone, or use the money for other things, like to put into a savings account or to pay for a dream vacation.

harry winston platinum ring

A pre-owned Harry Winston 5 ct. diamond engagement ring with a platinum band

Myth #2: Used engagement rings have low-quality stones or metals, which is why their previous owners didn’t want them.
Mythbuster: First of all, if the rings were made of low-quality materials, they would not have been bought when they were new in the first place, right?

Secondly, like we said, people sell their rings for a variety of reasons, some of which are entirely financial. Though some do choose to use the money to upgrade to a different ring, that often just means they want a different ring style, stone cut, or carat weight.

Thirdly, one little-known fact about jewelry is that diamonds are often recycled. Though it could be in a used engagement ring now, that center stone could have been in a Cartier necklace or in Tiffany & Co. earrings years ago, and it could be recycled again into a new bracelet, years from now. Whether a diamond is fresh from the mines or has been part of generations’ worth of jewelry, its quality never fades; diamonds are forever, after all.

cartier engagement ring

A used Cartier solitaire engagement ring

Myth #3: Used engagement rings have gaudy settings and dated, tacky stones. I want something fresh!
Mythbuster: Engagement rings are designed to last forever, which is why the most popular rings set the hardest stone on earth (diamond) into the most durable precious metal (platinum). When people design or buy rings with longevity in mind, they tend to go for classic settings like solitaire, which go with everything and never go out of style, and these are the ones that often get resold. Hardly any used rings incorporate weirdly-cut stones or awkward settings, and even if they do, the stones can always be re-cut and recycled into more contemporary settings! Either way, there’s no reason why a used engagement ring can’t find a home in your jewelry box.

If you still need more convincing, check out this post for reasons why you should buy pre-owned!