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TrueFacet New Arrivals: Jaw Dropping Tiffany and Co. Necklaces

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The prestige and decadence of Tiffany and Co. necklaces have graced many fine women’s necks since the late 19th century. Makers of exquisite jewelry, the designers at Tiffany & Co. have breathed new life into the sterile definition of art. Having designed such masterful pieces of charm and exceptional beauty, Tiffany & Company has, without a shadow of a doubt, perfected the jewelry making technique. We applaud their unwavering design diligence and are pleased to bring the glamorous and colorful designs of Tiffany jewelry to you.

18K Yellow Gold Picasso Zellige Medallion Necklace


Daughter of famed artist Pablo Picasso, (and a gifted artist in her own right) jewelry designer Paloma Picasso says her designs are “about a joy for life and a timeless beauty.” Growing up, Paloma understood what many of us take years to learn: art is a natural part of the human existence. From a young age, art came as naturally to Paloma as breathing. Picasso’s work with Tiffany’s has ranged from exploring delicate geometrical forms and bold stone color. The Zellige Medalion Necklace features a large round pendant encircling a square and framing an eight-point star. Reminiscent of the memorizing architectural mocarabes of the Hall of the Two Sisters. The woman who wears this Tiffany and Co necklace is one with heightened sophistication and taste.

Signature “X” Diamond and Gold Necklace


The stunning yellow gold setting of Tiffany & Co. Signature “X” Necklace catches the light and shimmers with sophistication. This Tiffany and Co. gold necklace features 7.74 carats of bead set round diamonds. The “X” design perfectly framing each sparkling diamond. The Signature “X” Diamond and Gold Necklace highlights the most cultured and stylish of women.

Paloma Picasso Necklace


Yet another exquisite piece of jewelry designed by Paloma Picasso, this pendant necklace is as delicate as it is bold. Its Mobe pearl and diamond center draws the eye to its simple perfection. The rounded gold pendant inset of the pearl captures the geometrical organicism of nature, mirroring the brilliance of the sun. The pearl, grown against the inside of a mollusk’s shell is as unique in its generating as is the woman who wears it. The intensity of the Picasso’s design will complement the radiance of the woman.

Platinum Garland Diamond Necklace


This finely designed Garland Platinum Necklace designed exclusively by Tiffany & Co. draws from the natural beauty of life’s simplest of pleasures: nature. Made of solid platinum, the necklace holds 2.38 total carat weight of natural round brilliant ideal cut diamonds. The diamonds, set in the foliage of the necklace sparkle like dew in the early morning light on a bright, crisp wintry morning. The elegant design of the necklace and its luscious detail will make even the most selective jewelry wearers shiver with delight.

At TrueFacet, we take pleasure in providing our clients with top quality jewelry. Shop our online jewelry marketplace today to find the perfect piece for your collection.