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Top Spring Looks from Ippolita

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Bright, light and just in time for spring and summer, Ippolita jewelry is perfect for the sunshine seasons. Ippolita uses a vast range materials to create fresh designs, including gold, silver, mother of pearl, resin and colorful gemstones like diamond, topaz and quartz.

The brand was founded in 1999 by Italian-born Ippolita Rostagno who moved to Los Angeles and now resides in New York. Ippolita jewelry is feminine and though it has a classic appeal, the stackability makes the jewelry even trendier.

We’ve put a list together of the top five Ippolita products for this spring.

1. Stackable Bangles

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You might wonder just how many ways can you style a gold bangle, but the possibilities are endless with Ippolita’s stackable, yet independent, bangles. From sculpted metal in gold or silver to designs set with diamonds, turquoise and quartz, the possibilities are endless.

2. Rock Candy Rules


Rock Candy is a collection from Ippolita featuring beautiful and colorful stones. The bright colors in pretty designs can be a mild-weather statement, like this 18-carat gold ring featuring pink tourmalines, rhodolites and smoky quartz. Or, you can add a more subtle touch of purple with 18-carat hoop earrings set with amethyst.

3. Silver Statements

silver necklaces

If you like to maintain a monochrome color palette, Ippolita has so much to offer. Many designs are only metal designs, like the bangles. However, there are so many designs featuring diamonds and white topaz set in sterling silver. Designs like these bar-pendant and v-pendant necklaces set with diamonds are simple and anything but average.

4. Blue Skies Ahead


The diverse range of colorful materials allows Ippolita to design striking items in an array of blues from dark and opaque, to light and clear. In blue lapis, you can find a deep and dark shade, while with turquoise your blue can even look a little green, and with topaz, your blue can be as clear as a cloudless sky.

5. More is More


Layering is in and Ippolita makes it easy. These beautiful necklaces in amethyst and blue mother-of-pearl are perfect for the season. The colors and textures apparent in the necklace give a layered and exotic look while remaining classic and charming.