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The Father’s Day Activity Guide: Top Things to do for Father’s Day 2021

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Over the past year, the pandemic-driven lockdowns have left people around the globe feeling isolated and lonely. Understandably so, as families weren’t able to see each other across borders and oceans. As Father’s Day comes around, there is an opportunity to forge even stronger bonds not only with dads but mothers and siblings with meaningful activities for the whole family.

Whether you are social distancing, unable to travel, or if you are lucky enough to see your family in person, here are some ideas for things to do for Father’s Day 2021.

Have a virtual movie night

person holding remote pointing at TV

There’s no party like a Netflix party! With Teleparty, you can now watch movies and TV shows with others online. The Chrome extension basically syncs your screens and adds the group chat feature so you can have an epic virtual movie night with your dad and family. Teleparty supports Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and HBO, so you will definitely find something you’ll both like.

Find out more about Teleparty here.

Sweat it out with an online workout class

orange and black usb cable on brown wooden surface

For the dads who want to stay fit, what better gift is there than to sweat it out together? If you are unable to travel during this time, fret not. There are a ton of virtual fitness classes to take together from HIIT to boxing, yoga, and strength training. The options are endless! If you want to start out slow, go for introductory classes to learn the basics. Who knows, maybe this could become a regular thing!

… Or just go to one at the gym!

As physical gyms start to open up in your city, there is no better time to bring dad as a workout buddy to join you on your back-to-fitness routine. Classpass offers you a catalog of nearby classes that you can book from any studio on the platform. They even offer a free trial, so this makes for one of the more affordable things to do on Father’s Day.

Find out more about Classpass here.

The Ultimate Dad-tivity: Golf

two person riding white golf cart

Have you ever met a Golf Dad who doesn’t want to golf? Not only is it a fun activity, but the time you spend on the driving range can also be used to make a meaningful connection. For an even more exciting time, gather a few of his golf buddies and you can all have a father-son, father-daughter competition.

Take a hike

two person walking towards mountain covered with snow

From coast to coast, there are many national parks in America with stunning landscapes and breathtaking views. This Father’s Day, why not make a weekend road trip out of it? Adventurous, adrenaline-packed activities like this can be a great way to bond. Plus, there is no one better to trek with than a rough-and-tumble dad who knows a thing or two about surviving in nature.

Have a cruise around your city

white and black cruise ship on body of water

Many of us miss the outdoors, and a sightseeing experience can be a great way to defeat cabin fever for you and dad. This Father’s Day, book an epic cruise to tour New York City from the legendary skyline to Brooklyn Bridge. You can choose between brunch or dinner cruise for dad and the whole family. Either way, there is champagne involved, so we’re sure it’s a good time.

Find out more on Event Cruises NYC.

Build something together

You’ve spent years watching handyman dad build things in the garage – this year is the perfect time to join him. There are so many craft ideas and D.I.Y home projects you could work on. Not to mention, whatever you build will be a sentimental keepsake to always remember this day.

Chill out and go fishing

black fishing rod and body of water during golden hour

Nothing says “I love you” more than taking an interest in his hobbies! Bringing dad out on the lake during Father’s Day can be the perfect way to show that you care. There’s just something about fishing – the calm waters, blue skies and peaceful sounds of nature – that make it so appealing. If this is your first time fishing, it’s best to let him take the reins and teach you how to reel in a catch or two.

Go on a virtual tour around the world

While traveling may be off the list because of lockdown restrictions in cities, you can still fulfill your wanderlust with a virtual vacation. Virtual Tours is a platform that allows you to take a look around destinations right on your screen. From Belgium to Paris, Austria to the United Arab Emirates, you get a 360-view of whichever destination you pick. Explore his favorite places around the globe from home!

Find out more about Virtual Tours here.

Challenge each other in a drinking contest

photography of person holding glass bottles during sunset

While mom would usually be happy with a pretty cake or some flowers, dad can be harder to please. For the dads who love to drink (don’t we all?), there is no better way to spend the day than to hit the pubs for a boozy good time. Whether it’s a refreshing lager or a hearty stout, we promise that he will have a good time. To kick things up a notch, challenge him to a drinking contest and see if you really are a chip off the old block!

Have a spa day

Just like moms, fathers deserve pampering too. Book an appointment at your favorite salon and treat your dad to a luxurious day of grooming and relaxing, to thank him for all the hard work he has done.

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